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Hypnotherapy Treatment for Relationship & Sexual Problems.

Resolve your relationship or sexual difficulties with hypnotherapy & mindfulness.

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I had 7 sessions with Adrian to enable me to experience orgasms. Having experienced them as a teenager I was aware that this was a problem that was not physical, but having tried self-help methods without success, I asked Adrian for hypnotherapy. The sessions were in depth, taking as long as required, but there was no embarrassment or inappropriateness. Adrian was sensitive and patient, asking relevant questions to get the the root of the problem and fix issues using hypnotherapy as they arose. He also introduced me to mindfulness which has helped with general anxiety, providing me with recordings and practices to do at home which helped me reach orgasm sooner than I ever expected.” *
Elise, Coulsdon – 1.10.2013

We now have specific information for Male Sexual Problems and Female Sexual Problems

At Well-being Hypnotherapy & Mindfulness we have over 10 years of experience working with clients to overcome their relationship and sexual problems. Both relationship and sexual problems that we are experiencing now may have their roots in our past relationships and other experiences we have had.

We are the Top Rated Hypnotherapy & Mindfulness-based Therapy Practice is Surrey & London on FreeIndex with over 100 independent verified reviews. Do not see a therapist who’s reviews are not independently verified or who has less than 10.

By dealing with and resolving our past relationships and sexual problems we are able to overcome negative thoughts, feelings, patterns of behavior and performance anxiety.

Do you have relationship or sexual problems which are difficult to deal with?

You can overcome and deal with these difficulties with our help using hypnotherapy and Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapies. Whether you are looking for help by using hypnosis and mindfulness for relationship problems or hypnosis for sexual problems we can really help you understand your situation better and work with you to resolve your problems.


Relationship problems

  • Do you find it difficult to trust your partner?
  • Do you suffer from jealousy?
  • Are you too possessive?
  • Are you happy in your relationship?

Your sessions will be completely confidential. You have a choice of therapists. You have a choice of clinics and a choice of therapies.

If you would like to discuss your situation with us in confidence please do feel free to ask a question, or alternatively give us a call and we would be happy to speak with you.

Sexual problems

  • Do you have problems with intimacy caused by past experiences?
  • Do you suffer from premature/retarded ejaculation?
  • Do you suffer from erectile problems?
  • Do you suffer from vaginismus? (involuntary tightening of the vagina)
  • Do you suffer performance anxiety?
  • Do you suffer from female orgasmic disorder? (delay of orgasms following sexual excitement)
  • Do you have problems with dyspareunia? (recurrent persistent genital pain during sexual intercourse)
  • Have you suffered rape, incest or other sexual abuse?

It’s easy to think that a sexual problem you have is embarrassing or that you can not get over what has been affecting you. This is not true, many sexual problems are linked to psychological factors and with the right therapy you can resolve your problems.

If you are suffering from any kind of sexual problem we can help you. To find out more ask a question and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.



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