I have been working with a client who has handed in her notice because she can’t cope with the workload she is being placed under. So what is her workload? She is contracted to work Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5.30pm so a 9 hour day, 45 hour week with lunch breaks (which she doesn’t take). What she is working is 8:30am to 7/8pm at work coming home eating then working till 11pm or later.
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Why Hypnotherapy doesn’t work for everyone Ever since I became a hypnotherapist in September 2007, I have had occasional calls from people wanting one session of Hypnotherapy to cure all of their problems. I explain that like every other talking therapy it may in fact need a number of sessions (generally 4 to 8) to get the results that they want. Hypnotherapy is not a magic wand fix and a single session will not disappear
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Is a Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy MCBT that uses a combination of therapy and meditation techniques to manage and reduce anxiety and stress. It is usually 6 to 8 sessions (£300 for 6 sessions) of learning, practicing these techniques and therapy. The aim is that being mindful each day, concentrating in the present moment, the here and now we stop ourselves from ruminating, dwelling on, rehashing past events or worrying about, creating anxiety, stress, negative
Twenty families are considering taking legal action against the Government because their children are being treated as truants when they are actually missing school due to mental health conditions. Thousands of families face fines or prosecution for their child’s absences but parents say the real reasons such as anxiety, ADHD, Autism, depression, bullying, trauma and other conditions are not being taken into account. Children who are diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder, General Anxiety Disorder and
I went to Adrian Sonnex last year due to struggles with school pressures, exam anxiety and family dilemmas, I felt that talking about my issues would only make things worse, however I made several improvements around my school problems such as revising, focusing, preparation, judgement, peer pressure and social anxiety. My first couple of sessions my mum came with me and supported me throughout. I struggled to open up and talk about personal issues I

Adrian Sonnex and Joel Cantor have been awarded these quality standards, Adrian Sonnex is also a Acknowledged GHR Supervisor

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