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Hypnotherapy For Your Snake Phobia – Anxiety – Fear

At Well-being Hypnotherapy & Mindfulness we work with people who are struggling with anxiety, stress, panic and phobias every day. Situational Anxiety (an anxiety of a specific situation, experience or object) becomes Phobic Anxiety when you actually start to avoid the situation. Let us help you resolve your snake fear / anxiety / phobia with hypnosis and Mindfulness.

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New research suggests humans have evolved an innate tendency to sense snakes and learn to fear them. (Clara Moskowitz – Live Science)

Why we fear snakes – fear of snakes in one of the most common phobias, yet many people have never even seen a snake in person.

One of the key facts for the hypnotherapist is to find out what triggered the fear of snakes. This fear could have been caused by one of the following events ;

Someone shoved a snake into their face or into their clothing, often when very young, as a playful scary thing.

The person may have had a scary (to them) experience with a snake, such as getting bitten, or seeing someone freak out after being bitten.

Their parent(s) was morbidly afraid of snakes and drilled into their child that snakes were dangerous and should never be even looked at.

Or even as a child seeing a film with snakes in it and heard lots of Hssssssss sounds which terrified them, or simply told that snakes are evil or are all poisonous.

They may see snakes as slithery, scaly and downright terrifying also afraid of the slimy, slithering way they see snakes move.

You are capable of overcoming your fear of snakes, remember your mind is like a computer with various files (fear of snake file for instance.) Hypnosis is a valuable tool for deleting and reprogramming this file.

Recognising that these creatures are relatively small is a great first step. Many snakes are completely harmless and all are much more afraid of a human than we should be of them, considering our size and capabilities. Reptiles are productive creatures that are found in nature and they really have no agenda against you.

Remember many people share this fear but this doesn’t mean that you have to live with your panic and anxiety.

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