Virtual Wellness, Online Hypnotherapy Therapy

How does online therapy work?

You can call us or use our “Contact Us” form below to speak with Adrian Sonnex our Virtual / Online Therapist.

Adrian will contact you to discuss your problems or to book your session. You will meet via Skype, WhattsApp or other apps for virtual, online therapy sessions. Using devices and headphones you can have regular sessions of Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapies to resolve and overcome your issues.

Why should I use online therapy, Virtual Therapy?

Virtual, Online Therapy is easy (no traveling inconvenience or expense) it is also confidential and safe.

You are working with a very experienced and qualified therapist with over 12 years of full-time Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy practice. Adrian Sonnex our Virtual / Online Therapist / Hypnotherapist has been working with clients via Skype and other apps since 2007. He has over 130 independently verified “Five Star Client Reviews on FreeIndex”.

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Call or Text Adrian on +44 7968 417347 or use our “Skype”, “WhatsApp” button

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Client Reviews 

Adrian Sonnex is the Top Rated Hypnotherapist and Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapist in Surrey and London with over 140 Five Star Reviews. All reviews are independently verified by FreeIndex who actively ban companies that fake customer/client reviews.

Hypnotherapy for Trauma

I came to Holly needing triage. She saw me the same day. I had been resistant and worried about hypnotherapy as a means of both understanding and coming through trauma. I now can’t commend it enough and especially the gifted expertise and trust building that Holly brings to effect deep change and respite. I’m 62,

Richard K

Arachnophobia, Adrian Sonnex, Morden Clinic

I am really glad that I chose to have hypnotherapy/mindfulness because I feel it has helped me a lot, and I am already noticing a difference! I contacted Adrian because I wanted to get rid of my arachnophobia, and already I am much more calm around spiders, when before I would have panic attacks and


Laura J, Trauma Therapy – Adrian Sonnex – Morden Clinic

I was recommended to see Adrian by my partner who had himself seen Adrian a few years back – I’ve seen Adrian every month for the past couple of years, since. Adrian has been able to help me process very deep trauma, both old and new, and aided me to recover in a way I

Laura J

Emma J, Traumma

I have carried out many sessions with Adrian focusing mainly on traumatic incidence reduction. It has been invaluable and I think everyone should do it as it improves your life and relationships, we are all full of buttons to be pressed and this helps remove them. I am now having weekly hypnotherapy for fertility and

Emma J

Peter, Relationship Problems, Online Therapy

I live in Marrakesh, Morocco and was going through a very low patch emotionally, related to a dysfunctional relationship I was unable to get myself away from. Therapy options are virtually non existent here and a close friend, also in Morocco, on discovering my plight, highly recommended I contact Adrian as she had benefited hugely


* Disclaimer : Please Note, the reviews on the page & website are not a guarantee of success.  Hypnosis and mindfulness requires motivation and effort on the part of the individual