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Further information on Weight Loss

We can help you to change your relationship with food and reduce and manage your weight with Hypnotherapy.

Today Obesity and being overweight are the number one health and welfare issues in the UK, overshadowing traditional “Demons” i.e.. Smoking, Cancer & Heart Disease. It is a problem that the Government and the medical professionals are trying to address but without any degree of consistency or success.

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As a country we are getting fatter and fatter. The House of Commons Health Committee (Cam lifestyle 2008) reported on obesity in 2004 and suggested that two thirds of the population of England are overweight or obese and that the obesity problem has grown 400% in the last 25-years.

This is associated with diseases such as type 2 diabetes, gall bladder disease, insulin resistance, heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis and fertility problems. Being overweight also affects your lifestyle and self esteem thus influencing people’s lives in many ways. Like shortness of breath, swollen feet and fatigue, etc.

Without doubt, more and more people will need help and advice about how to lose weight. Hypnotherapy is one way of achieving your desired weight through visualization, imagery, building confidence and self esteem etc..

Medical Interventions & Traditional Weight Loss Methods:
a) Medication, e.g.. Xenical, Reductil, Accomplia.
Many of the older popular drugs have now been banned in the UK following concerns about abuse, side effects and medical complications including heart failure. Amphetamine based drugs(speed) were prone to abuse.
b) Medical diets – Cambridge, Lighter-life, Milk diet.
c) Gastric bypass/band surgery, liposuction & abdominoplasty.
The growth in weight loss surgery has been fuelled by:

  • Celebrity endorsement (Ann Diamond)
  • Availability of this type of surgery
  • That there is no longer stigma attached
  • NHS are now carrying out such operations for obesity
  • Costs are coming down (about £6,000 in the UK, less abroad)
  • TV programs showing procedures and results

Many drawbacks include health risks from surgery, post operative pain, dramatic weight loss resulting in loose skin which may need further surgery to correct.
Liposuction and abdominoplasty are major operations which can result in extreme pain, septicaemia (there have been deaths) poor results (lumpy, disfigured skin/flesh), long term scarring and numbness.

d) Slimming Clubs
Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Rosemary Conley clubs are all proven to increase success with individuals wishing to lose

Benefits include:

  • Weekly monitoring
  • Excellent advice about diet and exercise
  • Gives slimmer a “focus”
  • Sustained gentle weight loss is better than a rapid one
  • Support from leaders and other members

e) Increased exercise

National chains of health clubs have flourished in recent years but the statistics show that there has not been a corresponding end to the obesity crisis.
There is no doubt that increasing physical activity is an essential part of successful weight loss programmes. (Hypnotherapy can help you with this – see sports performance) The obstacles, however, are:

  • Overweight people find exercise difficult
  • Problems with self-consciousness/body image
  • May be other/attendant health problems that prohibit exercise such as arthritis, risk of injury, heart disease for example
  • Time-taking – regular exercise takes time and motivation
  • Lack of money – gym membership, sports clubs, activities can be very expensive
  • Keeping at it – it’s not a quick fix for anyone, motivation can dwindle, other commitments, i.e.. Work/family/life can get in the way

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