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Testimonials and Reviews for Joel Cantor at Wellbeing Hypnotherapy & Mindfulness, Weybridge

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“I went to see joel back in september to stop smoking. I have been smoking 15-20 cigarettes a day for about 16 years. I would highly recommend you give it a go as it has worked for me and I didnt think it would. I can honestly say I will never have a cigarette again. Plus the other benefit is the money im now saving not buying cigarettes, 2 weeks of not smoking covered the hypnotherapy fee so it is really worth it. “
Ben, Addlestone 5.1.2019

“I saw Joel Cantor for two hypnotherapy sessions to help me with my nerves as I approached a job interview.
The first was about a week before, and the second was the evening before. I enjoyed the sessions, they were really relaxing! The next day the interview went really well and I was offered the position that I was hoping for. I definitely feel hypnotherapy was a great help and I’m very great full to Joel. “

Emma, Kingston 9.9.2018

“I was recommended Joel by a friend who had successfully stopped smoking after one session with him.
Last month I went to see Joel, who I can only describe as a kind, amazing man.
We spoke in great lengths about a few traumas I had been through in the last 20years.
I didn’t realise I was actually suffering from anxiety.
The mindfulness session was so relaxing and the hypnotherapy was just fantastic. I felt energised but relaxed.
I have not had a cigarette since! Highly recommend Rachel from Weybridge.”

Rachel, Weybridge 29.7.2018

“I asked Joel to help my son who was struggling with extreme anxiety, self doubt and depression during his final year at school. He had received little support from his GP and by the time I found Joel his attendance was below 70% and the exams were looming.
I had some personal experience of Mindfulness Meditation and also hypnotherapy and did some research into Mindfulness Based Stress Relief and Cognitive Therapy in the treatment of depression. Convinced by the evidence I found Joel and booked him in.
After several appointments, and using the tools Joel provided my son was able to focus fully again on his studies and grew and grew in confidence, finally able to sit his exams.
Thank you Joel for restoring my son back to health and for giving him the tools to face up to and withstand whatever life throws at him in the future. “
Sue, East Molesey 25.6.2018

” Thanks to Joel, I am now a non smoker. With the help of his Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness techniques, I was able to kick a habit of over 14 years. I had previously tried all other quit methods with little success, but this worked with little or no withdrawal symptoms. If you are ready to stop, I would strongly recommend this service “
D Patel, Walton-on-Thames 27.4.2018

“I’ve been really impressed with my sessions with Joel. From the outset I felt immediately relaxed by Joel’s gentle and informative approach and his layering of mindfulness techniques with hypnotherapy. The time with Joel has already triggered some changes in my outlook and behaviour, which is great!”
David, Addlestone 25.1.2018

” Since my sessions with Joel (to overcome fear of injections and the dentist), I have been to the dentists, had a local anaesthetic in hospital, and booked in to have a procedure at the dentists. I’m slowly but surely getting there and feel calmer overall about injections.
Joel was very approachable and worked flexibly around my availability.
Thanks again, Joel.”

Ana, Weybridge 12.4.2018

“I decided to try hypnotherapy to reinforce my decision to stop drinking alcohol. It’s has proved to be extremely effective and I am thrilled with the results. Joel is a great listener and has gone over and above the level of service I could ever have hoped for. I highly recommend giving hypnotherapy with Joel a try, it’s made a positive impact on my life, I only wish I had gone to him sooner. “
Chris, Weybridge 7.2.2018

“I went to see Joel Cantor as I was suffering from anxiety and depression. I am 17 years old and this is the first time I had experienced these feelings. They felt alien to me and I didn’t know what to do. I saw Joel and he put me at ease straight away. Joel provided me with some audio files using mindfulness which meant I could practice some self-help skills in between my weekly sessions with Joel. I had 6 sessions and he did some hypnosis and mindfulness with me. I feel so much stronger and use the audio files if I feel I need to. I wouldn’t hesitate in using Joel again. “
Caroline, Staines – 5.11.2017

“had a number of sessions with Joel Cantor regarding anxiety and alcohol. As well as being hypnotised, I was given a number of mindfulness techniques which have helped me which have proved to be life changing. “
Mark, Walton-on-Thames – 13.9.2017

” I have seen joel now for a couple of sessions of hypnotherapy and mindfulness for my anxiety issues in everyday lives fe which were really getting me down. Although I personally feel that I struggle a little during the sessions I take home with me a lot of positives and the personal relaxation exercises joel has given me are really starting to pay dividends. Joel listens to you without prejudice and offers solutions that feel very natural and calming. I highly recommend him! “
James, Walton-on-thames – 5.1.2017

” I met with Joel after four days of not being able to eat or sleep due to anxiety. He was very understanding and reassured me I could take back control of my life. I felt very comfortable in his presence and confident that he had the expertise to help me. The day after my first session the knot in my stomach had gone, my chest wasn’t tight anymore and I felt calm and relaxed. The anxiety came back at points throughout the day but I was able to control it better. Joel has provided me with mindfulness techniques to help me, which I practice everyday. I have been recommending Joel to all my family and friends. Thank you Joel. “
Danielle, Weybridge – 26.11.2016

” Joel was amazing!!! He helped me have a better quality of life through hypnotherapy. I have also recommended him to a family member.”
Jenny, Chertsey – 6.9.2016

“My son was suffering with IBS type symptoms, with days off with either chronic stomach pain, vomiting or diarrhoea – but after several hospital consultant visits it was determined that he had a cognitive dysfunction, not a mechanical digestive problem. After research, we found Mr. Cantor and selected a series of sessions. We found a positive change in our child after the first session. Subsequently, he has become more relaxed and engaging (he is a typical teenager). He also has not had any time off as his symptoms have subsided. I would personally recommend Mr. Cantor to anyone with similar issues. “
Terrence, Feltham – 5.7.2016

“My 11 year old son is troubled with anxiety which at times has been very severe. With the pressures of SATs and a school trip abroad, Joel used hypnotherapy and relaxation techniques to prepare him. My son surprised his parents, teachers and friends with his calm, confident and mature approach to the challenges he faced. It was also rewarding to observe during these sessions that he was able to experience deep relaxation and find a place of inner calm. “
A mum, Walton-on-Thames – 13.6.2016

“For over 10 years I suffered with anxiety based insomnia, if I had something to do the next day, a new job, drive etc I would think I must sleep and then not sleep at all.
So I thought Id try this as a last resort. I did 6 weeks with Joel, a mix of hypnotherapy and mindfulness. He started me on a path to control my thoughts and focus not on the negative. I wasn’t sure if it was working as your go through the course but then I had a big test of having to drive my family early morning.. Instead of taking any of my prescribed sleeping pills I thought Id see if I could beat the demon.. And I just slept !… twice ! Very strange as you never really feel wow I’ve been hypnotized, but at the end of the course I can tell my mind is just working slightly different in a much better way. It takes a lot of work and I still need to practice focusing thoughts, but I’m amazed at what its done. Joel is incredibly relaxing and now some nights I use his short sleep cd just as its lovely to fall asleep to. ” *

David, London – 1.4.2016

“I’ve been really impressed with my sessions with Joel. From the outset I felt immediately relaxed by Joel’s gentle and informative approach and his layering of mindfulness techniques with hypnotherapy. The time with Joel has already triggered some changes in my outlook and behaviour, which is great!” *
David, Addlestone – 25.1.2016

“Saw Joel 3 weeks ago to stop smoking and have not touched a cigarette since. Don’t even feel like smoking so that is all good. Well worth the trip from Bracknell. ” *
Paula, Bracknell – 15.11.2015

“I’ve never been a good sleeper and have been struggling with insomnia for years. I’d done pretty much everything out there, but have always been open to trying new things. In addition to being hypnotised having been a very interesting experience, the 6 sessions I had with Joel were amazing, as for the first time in my life I experienced what for most other people must be normal: feeling yourself falling asleep. The CD and other accompanying material he gave me were really helpful, too, and I have no doubt that the hypnotherapy sessions have given me the tools to fall asleep much faster. ” *
Santi, Walton-on-Thames – 30.10.2015

“I went to see Joel to help with my snacking and wanting to loose some weight after having my daughter. Immediately he put me at ease and I felt that he really listened to me. After my first session I kept listening to the cd and I began to change the relationship that I had with food almost straight away. That need to snack just seemed to disappear and I saw the weight falling off fast and I have kept it up. I highly recommend him. ” *
Marykaywild, Chatham – 12.5.2015

“After my sessions, I found that I was more relaxed and more at peace. I finished a few months ago and have not wrote this review yet as I was busy, which is good, as I have had time to be ‘tested’ and have passed the test many times. I would definitely recommend Joel and if ever there is a need again, I will be back. ” *
Karl Whitburn, Worcester Park – 18.3.2015

“Joel was recommended by a friend whose son had seen him for anxiety issues. My 13 year old daughter had been feeling anxious at school following friendship group issues. She had a number of sessions with Joel which incorporated hypnotherapy, relaxation techniques and CBT. She is now happy and coping well with whatever is thrown at her. Many thanks Joel. ” *
Surrey – 17.1.2015

“I saw Joel Cantor for six sessions in order to stop biting my nails. This had been a problem of mine since I was a child and I really felt unable to stop. It had got to the point where I would wake in the morning with blood on my fingers. After the first two sessions I was already biting less often, and by the fifth session I wasn’t biting at all! It really did seem like a miraculous cure for a problem that had been plaguing me for so much of my life. I really can’t thank Joel enough for providing the solution to the problem, and also for his professionalism and the fact he was able to put me at ease right from the start. ” *
Rebecca, London – 28.8.2014

“Joel came highly recommended by colleagues of mine who he had helped to quit smoking. He told me it would take one session – and it did. I found it to be quite an intense experience. I left feeling a bit light headed and I didn’t feel like smoking. The next morning I still didn’t want a cigarette and I haven’t smoked since. ” *
Michael, London – 19.8.2014

“I contacted Joel because I wanted to lose weight. He told me that his method ticked all the boxes, and I think it probably did. It was all about the changing relationship with food approach and involved doing some meditation homework and three CDs to take home over the duration of the ‘programme’. It was a gradual start, but it worked and Im well on the way to achieving my goal, and I no longer crave Junk food! The fact that Joel was able to see me where I worked made it a lot easier too. Thank you so much! ” *
Alison, Haslemere – 9.8.2014

“Joel was recommended to me by a friend. I was really upset as I could not stop smoking. I lost control over it and I felt like smoking was controlling my life and not the other way around. When I first met Joel, I liked him a lot as he is a very nice person but I was very sceptic with regards to the hypnotherapy.. And for my surprise IT WORKED. I am now a non smoker for seven weeks and IJoel was recommended to me by a friend. I was really upset as I could not stop smoking…. I lost control over it and I felt like smoking was controlling my life and not the other way around. When I first met Joel, I liked him a lot as he is a very nice person but I was very sceptic with regards to the hypnotherapy….. And for my surprise IT WORKED. I am now a non smoker for seven weeks and I feel absolutely great. It was one of the best things I have ever done. ” *
Adriana, Wembley – 6.5.2014

“I met Joel for the first time and found him very professional and experienced, he was very good at listening to my issues and what my ultimate goal was, he then designed a programme around this, I found my weekly sessions very rewarding, at the end of the programme I had overcome my issues and acheieved my goal. ” *
Paul, Virgina Water – 6.5.2014

“My name is Jenny Marinova. I was recommended to see Joel Cantor for my smoking addiction. I have been struggling for many years with this problem.
It took just one session with him and I am now officially. A non smoker since the beginning of February this year. Amazing results.
Joel is a warm, down to earth and genuine therapist. A true star! And I highly recommend him without reservation. ” *

Jenny, London – 28.4.2014

“My name is Alana Bakory, I’m 27 years old. Having had a difficult time last year, I consulted the expertise of well being hypnotherapy, and saw Joel Cantor. For me having the space, to relax and free my mind of all the stresses and anxieties of what was then, a difficult space to be in, was invaluable. Joel was sensitive, practical and calming. I would definitely (and I did!) recommend hypnotherapy in future to any friends or family, who need support, direction and clarity.” *
Alana, Epsom – 11.2.2014

“I saw Joel for some hypnosis sessions just before he moved to Surrey. I had been in a car accident and was having a hard time getting back behind the wheel. As a Builder I’d always needed the use of a van but I just wasn’t able to put the accident behind me. My Father was very into Hypnosis, so I knew that it does work for some, but I was still surprised at how well it worked for me.
I’d highly recommend Joel, he comes across as professional but laid back, and he’s easy to relax and talk with. Although I haven’t bought a new vehicle yet, I am hiring them when necessary, so the techniques he used were definitely effective.” *

John, London – 1.2.2014

“I’ve always suffered from sudden and uncontrollable bouts of intense blushing whilst in social situations. I’d pretty much given up on finding a solution to this until someone suggested Hypnotherapy. I decided to give it a go and booked a session with Joel Cantor. I was a little nervous to start with but Joel was very understanding and put me at ease by explaining what the session would entail and answering all of my queries in detail (busting a few Hypnotherapy myths along the way!).
Having completed a course of sessions I have to say that I am extremely happy with the results. With Joel’s help I have managed to get my blushing under control and I feel a lot more confident in my dealings with other people.
What also impressed me was that Joel was very easy to talk to and I felt comfortable discussing my problem with him.
I’d certainly recommend Joel to anyone considering Hypnotherapy. Professional, friendly and a great result-what more could you ask for?” *

Jonathan Murray, Brixton – 31.1.2014

“I was recommended to see Joel by a friend as I’d been experiencing ongoing bouts of insomnia and decided to give hypnotherapy a try. I saw Joel at Wellbeing hypnotherapy over a two month period and although I was sceptical, I found my anxiety and stress definitely reduced and together with the recording I find I can usually get a decent nights sleep. So far so good and I would recommend Joel who was friendly and easy to talk to.” *
Jason Yeomans, Holloway – 19.1.2014

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Adrian Sonnex and Joel Cantor have been awarded these quality standards, Adrian Sonnex is also a Acknowledged GHR Supervisor

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