New Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness Review

Published on 22nd February 2020
FreeIndex Reviews for Wellbeing Hypnotherapy & Mindfulness

Very happy to have a new FreeIndex Review. Still the top rated Hypnotherapist & Mindfulness Therapist in Surrey and London with 129 “5 Star” and 10 “4 Star” Customer/client Reviews”.

“I have been seeing Adrian for mindfulness and hypnotherapy since April 2018. He has been a wonderful help and helped me reduce my anxiety levels and sleep better. I have felt better during the day and a lot less stressed and tearful. He has also been a great listener in general and I find him really easy to talk to. I would definitely recommend his services to others.” (Thormy in Sutton)

Why do I use FreeIndex?

Many therapists/hypnotherapists write their own false or copy client/customer reviews onto their website which is unethical and misleading.

I use because it is an independent website that checks and verifies all customer/client reviews by asking the client to create a profile which takes 5 minutes, giving their email address (which a lot of people don’t want to do).

FreeIndex then emails the client to check it is a working email address and their a genuine client, the review is not made public unless the email is responded to.

The client must write the review which is checked by FreeIndex. FreeIndex then make the customer/client review live, taking note of the IP Address.

The same email account or IP Address cannot write a second, third, forth, or fifth client review nor can I as the therapist/business write or copy a review for myself using my email or IP address.

In short to give a FreeIndex review takes a fair amount of effort for the client/customer which means they must be motivated to do so in a good or bad way.

Google Reviews

Because I am a Hypnotherapist and Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapists my clients will decline to give me a Google Review (I have 16 Five Star Google Reviews at present) because they are identified by name. I work with clients with Anxiety, Depression, suffering from trauma, sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, Domestic Violence, phobias and fears, insomnia, relationship and sexual problems etc.

So FreeIndex where customers/clients can leave reviews that are verified and checked but also can to a large extent keep their anonymity is the best and ethical way for clients to give my therapy customer/client reviews. 

Written by Adrian Sonnex

I own and run I am a Mindfulness-based Teacher / Therapist & Hypnotherapist covering London & Surrey.

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