Work and Sport Performance Enhancement

We all have the potential for improving our performance. By managing your anxiety and using your mind-body connection you can overcome your fears of failing, losing or being embarrassed. You can become your best.

You can learn to use hypnotherapy to change your beliefs and ways of thinking. We can help you to enhance your performance in all areas of your life, such as sporting activities, learning experiences, career development and creativity. You can live a more successful life.

Improve Your Performance at Work with Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy and life coaching can help you better perform at work. It can help you reduce your stress and enhance your job performance. Please visit our Performance at work page to read some further information.

Enhancing Your Sports Performance through Hypnotherapy

You mind is your most valuable piece of equipment, your strongest muscle and your best shot at peak performance for life.

You can maximize your sporting potential. Hypnotherapy is widely used for athletes, sports people or anyone who wishes to increase their sporting ability and achievements.

Visit our sports enhancement page for further information on this. You will find that no matter what sport you are interested in, we will be able to help you. If you would like to use our “Contact Us” form below.

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Client Reviews 

Adrian Sonnex is the Top Rated Hypnotherapist and Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapist in Surrey and London with over 140 Five Star Reviews. All reviews are independently verified by FreeIndex who actively ban companies that fake customer/client reviews.

Stewart, Swearing At Work

“I’d managed to give up several ‘bad habits’ easily enough in the past… Smoking, drinking… I managed to stop each of those. I had, though, found that raising my behaviours at work far harder – specifically: stopping swearing. 4 short sessions enabled me to change this unprofessional behaviour almost overnight and has enabled me to

Worcester Park

Jane F, Work Performance, Interview Anxiety

I started to have hypnotherapy with Adrian Sonnex a couple of months ago to work on performance anxiety with regards to a job interview. Adrian taught me anixety management skills using mindfulness and CBT techniques. I am delighted to report that the work with did on anxiety and job interviews was exetremely effective and I

Upper Norwood

Lynn, Son’s Sports Performance, Confidence

“Well what can I say! What a kind, understanding and compassionate man. I took my son to see Adrian as he had no confidence in himself. He was very negative and couldn’t see the positives in anything, he just didn’t believe in himself. My son is a fantastic Triathlete but his negative feelings towards himself


Stefano P, Exam Anxiety

I have visited Adrian after experiencing a panic attack during my very last exam in university. Since then I was anxious in retaking it and that’s where I was addressed to Adrian. Adrian dealt with my exam anxiety brilliantly and week by week I was able to control my nerves better and better. I can


Public Speaking Anxiety, Gavin, London

I came to Adrian because of a life-long fear of public speaking. A new job meant it was essential for me to become comfortable speaking in a number of situations from informal staff meetings to client presentations and conference appearances. Having completed six hypnotherapy sessions with Adrian, I feel far less anxious about speaking in

Gavin, London

* Disclaimer : Please Note, the reviews on the page & website are not a guarantee of success.  Hypnosis and mindfulness requires motivation and effors on the part of the individual