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* Disclaimer: Please note, the reviews on this page & website are not a guarantee of success. Hypnosis and mindfulness requires motivation & effort on the part of the individual.

Testimonials / Reviews:

“I saw Adrian Sonnex at the Morden, Surrey clinic for my anxiety. He really really helped me with a combination of Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction. He taught me all of the mindfulness techniques giving me homework every session, also doing an amazing hypnotherapy session each time. I would highly recommend him!”
Daniela, Luton 7.3.2019

“Adrian has helped me come to terms with and overcome anxiety. I noticed the difference after our first hypnotherapy session and am still reaping the benefits. The mindfulness techniques I now practice are quite simply, life changing. My concentration, relaxation and quality of life have all improved tenfold. Thank you so much Adrian “
Andrew, Wimbledon 3.12.2018

“I went to see Adrian Sonnex for an issue with anxiety. On entering his treatment room, his calm and confident character made me feel instantly relaxed. After only a few sessions of hypnotherapy and Mindfulness I feel so much better and have noticed an improvement in my confidence and levels of anxiety.” *
Rosalyn, Wallington – 7.4.2016

“I went to see Adrian as I was experiencing anxiety around meetings, particularly having to speak in front of a large group of people. I would highly recommend Adrian for this. My sessions with Adrian were a mix of hypnotherapy and learning more about mindfulness, both of which helped me greatly. I found after a couple of sessions my anxiety had decreased significantly and I felt more confident with each session. Now I rarely experience any anxiety in the build up to any meeting, and am much more comfortable speaking in group settings. Adrian was very easy to work with, is very knowledgeable and really understood the issue I was going through and how to work on it. ” *
A, Morden – 14.2.2016

“Adrian has been amazing to work with over the last few weeks and has made me feel alot more positive about my anxiety and has helped to make me feel “normal” again! I have tried all different things and have been dealing with anxiety for nearly 4 years now and this is the one thing that has helped! I will continue to practise my mind fullness Adrian has given me and would definately use him again – hopefully I won’t need to. ” *
Lauren, Wallington – 31.12.2015

“I went to see Adrain when I had been experiencing panic attacks, stress and anxiety. I found him really easy to talk to and understanding, he really helped me get back on track. I had a combination of Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness-based Therapy. I am feeling myself again and can’t thank him enough. I would definitely recommend him. ” *
Ella, Carshalton – 26.9.2015

“I went to see Adrian at the Morden clinic and had a combination of Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness-based Therapy for confidence building and anxiety. Adrian listened to my issues and made me feel comfortable. I now feel much stronger, confident and with the knowledge of how to deal with any anxiety. Adrian is professional and puts you at ease, I would recommend him to anyone with similar issues as I had. ” *
Verity, London – 12.9.2015

“Adrian has been an outstanding Mindfulness teacher and team member for the Mindfulness in Sutton Secondary Schools programme run by Progression People. Teachers attending our Mindfulness for Teachers programme have highly benefited from Adrian’s experience in teaching Mindfulness and have therefore started to truly develop their own Mindfulness practice and embody the principles of Mindfulness. We look forward to working with Adrian further on this programme and other initiatives in the future.” *
Tammy, Croydon – 13.5.2015

“Thank you Adrian for helping me with my anxiety and trauma issues. I would surely recommend you in the future to anyone who needs your help. I can say I feel so much better for dealing with the trauma surrounding my rape, and other events. I look forward to our continuing work. Miss Beau.” *
Jenna, London – 11.5.2015

“While suffering from anxiety, depression and lack of confidence after job loss and relationship difficulties, I researched various therapies; having read an article in a peer-reviewed journal that showed changes in people undertaking mindfulness training, I decided on mindfulness combined with hypnotherapy as the combination of approaches I felt would be most effective and appropriate for me. A web search of therapists showed that Adrian provides this combination.
I have found the combination of therapies to be very effective for me, and Adrian’s generous spirit, kindness, non-judgemental attitude and highly ethical approach as a therapist enormously supportive. This good therapist-client relationship helped me also to feel confident in being open about undergoing therapy; I have recommended Wellbeing to colleagues, friends and family.” *

Elizabeth, Wimbledon – 16.3.2015

“We have used Adrian Sonnex’s services for Mindfulness sessions in offices in London. Adrian has always been flexible, very professional and has received great feedback on his sessions. We look forward to working with him more in the future!” *
Barbara Dewast, Workout @ Work London – 25.9.2014

“The corporate Mindfulness course provided by Adrian Sonnex at our London based Law Firm is excellent. We are currently offering this as part of our corporate Wellbeing initiative to employees and Partners. The course is delivered in an engaging teaching style with easy to follow practice of mindfulness. I would particularly recommend Adrian to any other firm as he demonstrates a wealth of knowledge and experience, together with a warm yet corporate delivery. His teaching draws upon a wide range of sources including up-to-date research of the benefits of mindfulness. Overall, the course has proved to be an invaluable experience for employees who attend and an excellent foundation for developing stress resilience. I thoroughly recommend it ” *
Claudia Bruen, Teddington – 23.9.2014

“I suffer with insomnia caused by anxiety. Adrian has taught me to deal with my insomnia using techniques such as mindfulness–rather than reaching for the sleeping tablets as I always did before. I find the hypnotherapy has given me something I can focus on when I’m not sleeping well. I think about the positive suggestions I hear during our sessions and can now get back into a good sleeping pattern more quickly. Adrian is charismatic and honest and so I enjoy talking to him about any issues I have. ” *
Natalie, Sutton – 18.8.2014

“My untreated accumulated trauma and my husband’s untreated accumulated trauma, started to make my marriage a source of my overall demise. In the past few years my career, my income, my health and my sanity came pretty much close to nothing. When I met Adrian, I felt very, very lucky, indeed. The combination of low price, amount of his qualifications, experience and expertise combined with the fact that he is one of the most normal, down to earth, real, non judgmental, kind, loving persons that I have met was not a combination too often encountered. His unconditional understanding, hypnotherapy methods and their application together with mindfulness practice that he taught me have helped me to resolve many traumas and make me stronger at my core. On top of that, he REALLY cares for his patients, and it is his expertise, personal qualities and care that healed me, empowered me and helped me to unravel myself from my inner limitation, confusion and pain. Also, my son who is in his twenties has just started to see Adrian and finds his therapy extremely helpful, always looking forward to his next session.” *
Diana, London – 8.8.2014

“I went to Adrian Sonnex because of a presentation/social setting anxiety which I have had since I can remember. I started practicing meditation partly because I thought it would help me – it did not solve this problem though helped in many other ways (I recommend!). I had one hypnotherapy session with Adrian and I am very happy to say that 1) I have performed presentations in front of people without getting anxious (still a little nervous, but very remote from what I used to suffer), 2) I am more relaxed in social settings with many unknown individuals and 3) my meditation has reached a different level – and I think this helped too.
A big thank you again to Adrian, I would strongly recommend Adrian to friends.” *

Greg, London – 11.7.2014

“Adrian was recommended by my friend and my friends Mother who have both been clients of Adrian’s in the past. I had been suffering with depression for quite a few years and have tried numerous different methods to try and solve the depression but nothing had particularly worked for a long period of time. As soon as I called Adrian, he immediately wanted to help and showed his genuine interest in wanting to help and find out what would work for me specifically. Adrian always, always took his time, never allowing us to be within a short space of time and giving his full attention to what we were doing, whether it was talking or practising “Mindfullness Techniques” which I think (for me) was and still is an integral part of feeling positive. After having sessions with Adrain, I have been able to remain within a positive state, having a better outlook on life and having more confidence and self belief. I’d strongly recommend Adrian to anyone who wants to work with someone who genuinely wants to help people to overcome their problems and live life in a positive way.” *
Abigail, Godalming – 25.5.2014

” I decided to try hypnotherapy to reduce my stress and help control my anger. After my first session I felt calmer and lighter. I will be seeing Adrian again as I found this very beneficial and a worthwhile experience. Thank you Adrian.” *
Jessica Kreimeyer, Lambeth

“I went to see Adrian Sonnex for help with a long standing shopping addiction that was destroying my marriage and harming my family. I’m happy to say that his work with me has brought about life changing results. I wish I’d known about Wellbeing hypnotherapy 10 years ago. Adrian is a warm, insightful man, and without his help I would still be trapped in a self destructive pattern of throwing money away. Adrian has encouraged and congratulated me for my hard work, without taking due credit for his role. Together we identified and tackled the underlying reasons for my reckless spending.I’m looking at the world with fresh eyes. I can’t thank you enough, Adrian. Roll on 2014.” *
Rhiannon Fratelli, Carshalton

“I saw Adrian for stress and depression following discussion of CBMT with my GP during a period of sickness from work for work related stress. I was somewhat sceptical but was keen to get well and return to work. I saw Adrian for 6 sessions and had CBMT and hypnotherapy. Adrian professionalism and understanding was exceptional and I am now well equipped with valuable tools to avoid further episodes.” *
Sarah C Divilly-Bastiani, Croydon

“I had 7 sessions with Adrian to enable me to experience orgasms. Having experienced them as a teenager I was aware that this was a problem that was not physical, but having tried self-help methods without success, I asked Adrian for hypnotherapy. The sessions were in depth, taking as long as required, but there was no embarrassment or inappropriateness. Adrian was sensitive and patient, asking relevant questions to get the the root of the problem and fix issues using hypnotherapy as they arose. He also introduced me to mindfulness which has helped with general anxiety, providing me with recordings and practices to do at home which helped me reach orgasm sooner than I ever expected.” *
Elise, Coulsdon.

“Adrian is a great professional and a very nice man. I’ve had anxiety at different stages of my life and wanted to finally leave this in the past as I start a new career. He’s given me skills that have enabled me to feel as if I can help myself with mindfulness and a different way of thinking. Thanks very much Adrian.” *
Lizzie, Worcester Park.

“I have carried out many sessions with Adrian focusing mainly on traumatic incidence reduction. It has been invaluable and I think everyone should do it as it improves your life and relationships, we are all full of buttons to be pressed and this helps remove them. I am now having weekly hypnotherapy for fertility and later flying phobia, I have felt positive, relaxed and no anxiety since doing this. I tried hypnotherapy before with another practitioner but it did not work. Hypnotherapy with Adrien is quite different especially as he has the voice to go with the technique. Adrien is a kind therapist who is flexible and truly invests alot of energy in helping you. You cannot go wrong with him and I am recommending him to friends who are now using him. He is very experienced in many areas of psychotherapy which means he can tailor a plan to suite your individual needs. This is very important as a ‘one size fits all’ doesnt work in this profession.” *
Emma Johnson – Cambridge

“A short while back, I attended 8 of the group sessions of Mindfulness meditation and practice that Adrian held in Carshalton – initially very sceptical of the likelihood of anything at all helping me to calm down in daily stressful situations. However – over the weekly meetings practicing Adrian’s very achievable techniques to thinking, along with his bodyscan breathing meditation – suddenly! I realize I’m calmer! and not getting wound up by petty things. I’m thinking about what I’m DOING, rather than my mind racing ahead all the time. It’s like a big weight of frustration and annoyance has been lifted off me and whisked away! Now I’m noticing all the moment by moment things in day to day life, that actually MAKE my life. I do still find a quiet time to listen to a CD of Adrian’s Body Scan once a week – very relaxing and just re-inforces the thought processes I am SO grateful for Adrian teaching me.” *
Helen Turan – Croydon

“Adrian is a great therapist and a wonderful person. He helped me to overcome my sleep anxiety by teaching me mindfulness. He gave me tools which will help me in different life situations. I would recommend Adrian to anyone.” *
Katarzyna Messenger – Mitcham

“I live in Marrakech, Morocco and was going through a very low patch emotionally, related to a dysfunctional relationship I was unable to get myself away from. Therapy options are virtually non existent here and a close friend, also in Morocco, on discovering my plight, highly recommended I contact Adrian as she had benefited hugely from therapy sessions with him via Skype.
Adrian quickly identified my need for Traumatic Incident Reduction, and I had several Skype sessions with Adrian which helped enormously and to the point that within less than 2 months I didn’t need any more sessions.
I found Adrian to be a genuine, warm, empathetic, humorous person, always professional and extremely supportive with a no-nonsense approach to the course of action I needed to embark on to recover from my emotional low point.
Without doubt it was money well spent, and knowing that I have access to Adrian via Skype should the need arise in the future is a source of comfort in itself.” *

Peter – Marrakech, Morocco

“I had suffered from severe panic and anxity attacks for the past 20 years. A friend happend to mention it could be related to a traumatic incident that happened in my youth. By good chance I found Adrian at the Wellbeing Clinic.
I felt Adrian understood my situation and we worked together in a control way to deal with the trauma. He often spent much more time with me than the normal hour session at no extra cost. I felt very comfortable with Adrian and his methods and do now feel as though I have much more control of my life.” *

Michael Lusted – Rochester Kent.

I have no hesitation in recommending Adrian Sonnex having been a client for over 2 years. He is straight talking, and immensly knowledgeable, and his wealth of experience means that he is genuinely able to understand whatever you are going through, and where to start with addressing it. Through Adrian, along with having hynotherapy, I have learnt many useful techniques including mindfulness to help to better manage my chronic pain condition and associated issues.”  *
Jayne Nelson – Peckham

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*Mindfulness requires motivation & effort on the part of the individual.

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Adrian Sonnex and Joel Cantor have been awarded these quality standards, Adrian Sonnex is also a Acknowledged GHR Supervisor

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

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