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Coronavirus, COVID-19 Update. We are now self-isolating to prevent the spread of the virus. However we are seeing clients online via Skype, WhatsApp etc so if you are suffering from anxiety, stress, depression or any other problems we can help you.

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Wellbeing Hypnotherapy & Mindfulness is the Top Rated Hypnotherapy & Mindfulness Practice in London & Surrey on FreeIndex. FreeIndex actively ban companies that try and fake their own reviews. Customers must write reviews on their own device and the IP address is recorded. Every email address is verified and checked, to establish that it is a genuine review from a real, working email account.

At present we have over 160 Independently Verified 5 Stars Reviews. We are the Top Rated Hypnotherapy – Mindfulness Practice in Surrey & London.

* Disclaimer: Please note, the reviews on this page & website are not a guarantee of success. Hypnosis & Mindfulness requires motivation & effort on the part of the individual.


“Many professional organisations require therapists to be “supervised” and it is also good business practice. Adrian has been my supervisor for several years and I am very happy with him as my supervisor. He is professional, friendly, and knowledgeable in so many areas-he gives great marketing tips too! He is always punctual and flexible if need be.
Adrian also does Supervision both face to face and via Skype. I find the Skype particularly useful as it not only saves massively on the travel expenses but gives me invaluable practice at Skyping, which I detest and am working on my acceptance of technology. ” *

Freda Minton, Yateley

“I have carried out many sessions with Adrian focusing mainly on traumatic incidence reduction. It has been invaluable and I think everyone should do it as it improves your life and relationships, we are all full of buttons to be pressed and this helps remove them. I am now having weekly hypnotherapy for fertility and later flying phobia, I have felt positive, relaxed and no anxiety since doing this. I tried hypnotherapy before with another practitioner but it did not work. Hypnotherapy with Adrien is quite different especially as he has the voice to go with the technique. Adrien is a kind therapist who is flexible and truly invests alot of energy in helping you. You cannot go wrong with him and I am recommending him to friends who are now using him. He is very experienced in many areas of psychotherapy which means he can tailor a plan to suite your individual needs. This is very important as a ‘one size fits all’ doesnt work in this profession. “*
Emma Johnson, Cambridge

“I live in Marrakech, Morocco and was going through a very low patch emotionally, related to a dysfunctional relationship I was unable to get myself away from. Therapy options are virtually non existent here and a close friend, also in Morocco, on discovering my plight, highly recommended I contact Adrian as she had benefited hugely from therapy sessions with him via Skype.
Adrian quickly identified my need for Traumatic Incident Reduction, and I had several Skype sessions with Adrian which helped enormously and to the point that within less than 2 months I didn’t need any more sessions.
I found Adrian to be a genuine, warm, empathetic, humorous person, always professional and extremely supportive with a no-nonsense approach to the course of action I needed to embark on to recover from my emotional low point.
Without doubt it was money well spent, and knowing that I have access to Adrian via Skype should the need arise in the future is a source of comfort in itself.” *

Peter-Riad, Marrakech

“Adrian has been my supervisor throughout my diploma training last year, initally meeting him face to face and now via Skype due to my location. I would recommend him to any other trainee or qualified therapist.” *
Linda Amatt – Amethyst Therapy, Mansfield

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Call Well-being Hypnotherapy & Mindfulness on 020 8646 4337 for a free consultation, more information or to book an appointment. You can also make an enquiry via e-mail


Adrian Sonnex and Joel Cantor have been awarded these quality standards, Adrian Sonnex is also a Acknowledged GHR Supervisor

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

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