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Adrian Sonnex is the top rated Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness therapist in Surrey and London with over 140 Five Star Client reviews. All reviews are independently verified by FreeIndex who actively ban companies that try to fake customer/client reviews.

All throug my life I struggled with a fear (fobia) of worms. A fear that brought me to the point when I felt absolutely helpsless, stiupid and powerless. It is not a good way to be when you see the thing you fear the most all the time and than you cose your eyes and

Magdalena Kieszek
Worcester Park

Help with Social Anxiety

I would be getting incredibly anxious in social situations, but I had always brushed it off to be something not too bad. I then would suffer from letting those feelings attack me at other random moments, but again, thought that this was normal and I just had to deal with it. This started to happen

Michael Lau

Help with Anxiety

I visited Adrian during a very dark period of my life. I’d never given much thought to hypnotherapy before but was willing to try anything to stop the anxiety. Over a period of time he taught me ways to manage my anxiety through mindfulness and I found the hypnotherapy really helped to relax my mind.

Alison M

Help with public speaking, confidence and abuse

Adrian has provided invaluable help with a small range of personal issues, helping me to gain confidence at work and with public speaking as well as recovering from narcissistic

Martin B

Therapy for Anxiety, Phobias and Trauma

I undertook a short course of hypnotherapy treatments with Adrian in order to address some anxiety issues that went back a number of years for me. Adrian was exceptionally understanding, helping me through weekly discussion and hypnotherapy sessions. The (positive) results started almost immediately and grew with each session. I can therefore strongly recommend Adrians

Nigel B

Hypnotherapy for Trauma

I came to Holly needing triage. She saw me the same day. I had been resistant and worried about hypnotherapy as a means of both understanding and coming through trauma. I now can’t commend it enough and especially the gifted expertise and trust building that Holly brings to effect deep change and respite. I’m 62,

Richard K

Stop Smoking-Stop Vaping

I had the incredible fortune of working with Adrian, a highly skilled hypnotherapist. Thanks to his expertise, I’ve been smoke-free for over 4 weeks now. The positive changes in my health, mental well-being, and financial stress relief are truly remarkable. Adrian’s guidance and support have been transformative, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Junior Lee

Adrian Sonnex, Morden Clinic

I went to Adrian at Wellbeing Hypnotherapy to reduce my stress, increase my confidence and deal with my anxiety. After the first session I felt relaxed and more calm. Adrian gave me the chance to try Traumatic Incident Reduction, Life Stress Reduction as well as Hypnotherapy. My confidence and self-esteem have really increased and is


Adrian Sonnex, Morden Clinic

A very dear friend of mine recommended that I get in touch with Adrian after he successfully helped ease the symptoms of her Depression through Mindfulness and hypnotherapy. My own situation was different in that I needed help to address a number of long-standing issues from my childhood. I had treatment over the course of


Adrian Sonnex, Morden Clinic

I have no hesitation in recommending Adrian Sonnex having been a client for over 2 years. He is straight talking, and immensly knowledgeable, and his wealth of experience means that he is genuinely able to understand whatever you are going through, and where to start with addressing it. Through Adrian, along with having hynotherapy, I

Jayne N

Adrian Sonnex, Morden Clinic

Hi i would like to say my experience with Hypnotherapy through Adrian has been a great one,i seen Adrian last year to quit smoking and have not touched a cigarette since,i found him to be very kind and caring about my situation to such an extent that i see him now to help with problems

Steve L
South Norwood

Adrian Sonnex, Morden Clinic

I noticed a huge improvement in my ten year old daughter after just one session. She stopped wetting the bed, and seemed more relaxed socially. Adrian was very gentle and positive with her and respected my views as a parent-i would recommend people try his service themselves, it works. (Five Stars)


Adrian Sonnex, Morden Clinic

i saw Adrian Sonnex for hypnotherapy to stop smoking, I was very nervous and he put me at ease from the start. Explaining exactly what would happen. I have not smoked since my session, and I would highly recommend hypnotherapy at Modern clinic with Adrian Sonnex. (Five Stars)


Adrian Sonnex, Morden Clinic

I visited Adrian Sonnex at the Morden Clinic. He was recommended by a close friend. Adrian helped me carry on through troubled situations and has given me more positive thinking. I would not hesitate to recommend him. (Five Stars)

East Horsley

Adrian Sonnex, Morden Clinic

I think the stop smoking hypnotherapy was good value for money. The service and quality was brilliant. I havent smoked for 6 weeks and its the best thing I’ve done. (Five Stars)


Adrian Sonnex, Morden Clinic

I went to see Adrian to help me quit smoking, I have tried a couple of other hypnotists before which I found were not as effective and lead me to cracking shortly after, after being hypnotised with Adrian I had very little cravings and found it easy to give up. Adrian makes you feel welcome

Jason P

Adrian Sonnex, Morden Clinic

My friend recommended that I try hypnotherapy with Adrian Sonnex of Wellbeing Hypnotherapy (she had resolved her relationship issues with him last year). I went to Adrian because I have found it hard to speak up in groups, or to give presentations in front of others (and has been for most of my life). It


Adrian Sonnex, Morden Clinic

I wanted to give up smoking after some 34 years of sucking on the addictive tobacco and tried various things, patches will power, nicorette etc and was told about Hypnotherapy by my boss. We do a high pressure job in a busy Custody Suite in Central London and smoking is an excuse to walk out


Adrian Sonnex, Morden Clinic

I am so pleased to be a non-smoker after all these years. I am also very pleased that I chose Adrian to hypnotise me, he is really nice and I felt at ease with him straight away. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to give up smoking with-out too much effort. (Five Stars)

Annabel S

Adrian Sonnex, Morden Clinic

I went to see Adrian Sonnex for help with a long standing shopping addiction that was destroying my marriage and harming my family. I’m happy to say that his work with me has brought about life changing results. I wish I’d known about Wellbeing hypnotherapy 10 years ago. Adrian is a warm, insightful man, and


Adrian Sonnex, Morden Clinic

I decided to try hypnotherapy to reduce my stress levels. After my first session I felt calmer and lighter. I will be seeing Adrian again as I found this very beneficial and a worthwhile experience. Thank you Adrian. (Five Stars)

Jessica K

Adrian Sonnex, Morden Clinic

I went to Adrian Sonnex because of a presentation/social setting anxiety which I have had since I can remember. I started practicing meditation partly because I thought it would help me – it did not solve this problem though helped in many other ways (I recommend!). I had one hypnotherapy session with Adrian and I


Adrian Sonnex, Morden Clinic

My untreated accumulated trauma and my husband’s untreated accumulated trauma, started to make my marriage a source of my overall demise. In the past few years my career, my income, my health and my sanity came pretty much close to nothing. When I met Adrian, I felt very, very lucky, indeed. The combination of low


Adrian Sonnex, Morden Clinic

Adrian was very helpful and professional when dealing with the problems I went to him with. Great demeanor and comfortable setting meant that the sessions were looked forward to each time, which took away a great deal of stress (Five Stars)


Adrian Sonnex, Morden Clinic

I stopped smoking with Adrian at wellbeing hypnotherapy over six months ago. I have not smoked a single cigarette since our one and only session. I have recommended him to other friends. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who really wants to stop. (Five Stars)


Adrian Sonnex, Morden Clinic

I got recommend to Adrian through family and friends. He has helped with me my stress and anxiety in a very short period of time. He has made me feel so much more confident in myself very quickly and has given me the tools to over come them. Adrian is very friendly and extremely professional

John B

Adrian Sonnex, Morden Clinic

I have found Adrian to be professional and takes the time to listen and you never feel like he is watching the time, and the service he provides has helped me and keeps helping me feel better about myself and together I have made the steps needed to regain control of my mind, I would

Ian H

Adrian Sonnex, Morden Clinic

I only seen Adrian 3 times I went there with anxiety. I last went there 1 month ago and since then I’ve been enjoying my life, thank you Adrian. (Five Stars)

Nigel L

Men’s Therapy, Adrian Sonnex, Morden Clinic

The emotional assistance and inner healing that I have received from Adrian and his therapy treatment has been life changing and through this I have been able to commence a new chapter in my life. (4.7 Stars)

Paul M

Anxiety, Adrian Sonnex, Morden Mitcham Clinic

I went to Adrian to get help with anxiety I found him to be a very calming person who I could trust to help me relax. I didn’t know what to expect from hypnotherapy but soon realised it was nothing to worry about and I could enjoy being in that chair, relaxing and trusting I

jamie G

Confidence, Adrian Sonnex, Morden Mitcham Clinics

Adrian has been fantastic from start to end. The client is his sole focus during the sessions and he isn’t constrained by the set time you have booked. If, for example, you are in the middle of a thought process/discussion when the hour is done he will ensure that you have the time to finish

Katy H

Trauma, Rape, Adrian Sonnex, Morden Mitcham Clinics

Thank you Adrian for helping me with my anxiety and trauma issues. I would surely recommend you in the future to anyone who needs your help. I can say I feel so much better for dealing with the trauma surrounding my rape, and other events. I look forward to our continuing work. Miss Beau. (Five

jenna b

Anxiety, Confidence, Adrian Sonnex, Morden Mitcham Clinic

I chose Wellbeing Hypnotherapy due to some exceptional reviews from other clients, and I was not disappointed. Adrian was polite, respectful, friendly and understanding and was not afraid to tailor his methods or go the extra mile to ensure his therapy was the most effective it could be. (Five Stars)

Paul Y

Relationship – Confidence, Adrian Sonnex, Morden Clinic

A year ago I found myself lying in bed on holiday in Thailand, in a luxury room with a hot tub outside, and it became apparent that I was not happy with aspects of my life, and nervous of major changes I knew I had to make on my return home. I had to sell

Clare W

Arachnophobia, Adrian Sonnex, Morden Clinic

I am really glad that I chose to have hypnotherapy/mindfulness because I feel it has helped me a lot, and I am already noticing a difference! I contacted Adrian because I wanted to get rid of my arachnophobia, and already I am much more calm around spiders, when before I would have panic attacks and


Nicholas – Adrian Sonnex – Morden Clinic

I went to see Adrian for help with issues relation to anxiety and depression following a recommendation from a close friend. I had both CBT and Hypnotherapy treatments during our meetings. I found Adrian to be extremely understanding, sympathetic and professional throughout. I would recommend his services to anyone and everyone! (Five Stars)

Nickolas R

Ella – Adrian Sonnex – Morden Clinic

I went to see Adrain when I had been experiencing panic attacks, stress and anxiety. I found him really easy to talk to and understanding, he really helped me get back on track. I had a combination of Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness-based Therapy. I am feeling myself again and can’t thank him enough. I would definitely

Ella D

Lauren – Anxiety – Adrian Sonnex – Morden and Mitcham Clinic

Adrian has been amazing to work with over the last few weeks and has made me feel alot more positive about my anxiety and has helped to make me feel “normal” again! I have tried all different things and have been dealing with anxiety for nearly 4 years now and this is the one thing

Lauren R

Kenneth – Adrian Sonnex – Morden and Mitcham Clinic

Adrian was very helpful and understanding with my issue. He was very professional and showed understanding and compassion. Would definetly recommend. Thanks again Adrian. (Five Stars)

Kenneth B
Worcester Park

Sarah – Adrian Sonnex – Morden Clinic

Having problems with anxiety and grief I decided to try hypnotherapy. I found Adrian so supportive. He is not only brilliant at what he does, but is a truly caring and compassionate person. He’s calm, patient and really puts his all in trying to help you. It can be daunting going to a strangers house,

Sarah s

Matthew – Adrian Sonnex – Morden Clinic

Adrian is a thoroughly amiable and zen individual who, in my opinion, is excellent at his job. I got far more for my money than expected! Not only did I receive hypnotherapy, but also some general counselling, which is a godsend when you have no one else who is prepared to listen. I was also

Matthew V

Tracy – Adrian Sonnex – Morden Clinic

Adrian was very professional and listened to what I wanted to achieve from hypnotherapy. (Five Stars)


Joanna – Adrian Sonnex – Morden Clinic

Adrian helped me through a very difficult time in my life, was calm, nonjudgmental and understanding of my needs. (Five

Joanna D

Kate- Adrian Sonnex – Morden Clinic

Adrian was really helpful and understanding in the issue that I have and the teaching of mindfulness was so interesting and I’m now putting this into practice in daily life and it really is making a difference to my stress levels and how to cope when things are hard. Highly recommended. (Five

kate h

Mel – Adrian Sonnex – Morden Clinic

Adrian is a genuinely caring, understanding and patient therapist. He will do what he needs to help and will go out of his way for the wellbeing of his clients. I feel a lot better only after a few sessions. (Five


Sid – GAD – Adrian Sonnex – Morden Clinic

I was going through a rough patch and was constantly having headaches and feeling anxious about general day to day activities. My doctor recommended I do therapy. I came across Adrian and his company who offered hypnotherapy CBT. It was different and not something I was familiar with. However the reviews and methods that people


Laura J, Trauma Therapy – Adrian Sonnex – Morden Clinic

I was recommended to see Adrian by my partner who had himself seen Adrian a few years back – I’ve seen Adrian every month for the past couple of years, since. Adrian has been able to help me process very deep trauma, both old and new, and aided me to recover in a way I

Laura J

Adam M, Hypnotherapy – Adrian Sonnex – Morden Clinic

I originally approached Adrian for help with rebuilding my confidence after a traumatic job interview experience. We worked through my issues and initiated a session of hypnotherapy which really helped to control my anxiety during future interviews. I returned about a year later when I was being disturbed by new neighbours. Once again, Adrian and

Adam M

Hypnotherapy for Eating Disorders

I’ve been having therapy with Adrian for various issues and highly recommend, he is very dedicated, caring and great at what he does. It’s clear that helping people is not ‘just a job’ for Adrian and that he truly cares and takes pride in helping to improve people’s lives. I am so grateful as he


Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy with Adrian was recommended by a friend to help me give up smoking. I was quite sceptical going in, even during the process didn’t quite believe this could work for me. I have however been proven wrong and surprised myself as I haven’t smoked in nearly six months. Definitely worth a go if your

Anna W

Insomnia and Anxiety, Richard

I saw Adrian to find a remedy for a debilitating combination of Insomnia aand Anxiety. He took me through an 8-week course of Mindulness and Meditation that proved reassuring, effective and beneficial. As a result I am now sleeping well and the anxiety has gone. I now feel equipped with techniques and disciplines that will

Kingston upon Thames

Natasha, Trauma Therapy, Anxiety and Panic Attacks

I visited Adrian for Hypnotherepy and mindfulness therapy once a week for around 2-3 months. And what can I say, with his guidance and help with traumatic incident reduction and tips on how to handle my anxiety when it got too much, has totally reshaped my way of thinking. I am so much better at


Hypnotherapy Supervision, Joining Wellbeing Hypnotherapy & Mindfulness

Adrian Sonnex was my supervisor during my studies at the Institute of Clinical Hypnosis (ICH), and he has been continuing in this role since I graduated. I found Adrian to be very professional and at the same time down to earth and humorous. He helped to keep me focused and motivated as a student and

joel cantor

Thormy, Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy for Anxiety, Stress and Insomnia

I have been seeing Adrian for mindfulness and hypnotherapy since April 2018. He has been a wonderful help and helped me reduce my anxiety levels and sleep better. I have felt better during the day and a lot less stressed and tearful. He has also been a great listener in general and I find him


Anna C, Hypnotic Gastric Band

“I lost over 3 stone with the Wellbeing Hypnotherapy Gastric Band! I researched the actual Gastric Band Surgery, but at over £5,000 and so many risks I decided to go the hypnotic route first. At £500 for 5 sessions of hypnotherapy, I found it excellent value for money. Other therapists were asking over £800 for

anna c

Emma J, Traumma

I have carried out many sessions with Adrian focusing mainly on traumatic incidence reduction. It has been invaluable and I think everyone should do it as it improves your life and relationships, we are all full of buttons to be pressed and this helps remove them. I am now having weekly hypnotherapy for fertility and

Emma J

Michael, Traumatic Event

I had suffered from severe panic and anxity attacks for the past 20 years. A freind happend to mention it could be related to a traumatic incident that happened in my youth. By good chance I found Adrian at the Wellbeing Clinic. I felt Adrian understood my situation and we worked together in a control


Peter, Relationship Problems, Online Therapy

I live in Marrakesh, Morocco and was going through a very low patch emotionally, related to a dysfunctional relationship I was unable to get myself away from. Therapy options are virtually non existent here and a close friend, also in Morocco, on discovering my plight, highly recommended I contact Adrian as she had benefited hugely


Linda Creamer, Hypnotherapy Supervision

Adrian has been my supervisor throughout my diploma training last year, initally meeting him face to face and now via Skype due to my location. I would recommend him to any other trainee or qualified therapist.(Five

linda Creamer

Jessica G, Anxiety, Skin Picking

I came to see Adrian as I had a very high level of anxiety as well as a skin picking problem. He made me feel very at ease and with his help my levels of anxiety decreased with every session. I now do not pick my skin and I am able to manage situations that

Jessica G

Ash B, Intimacy with a partner

Adrian has been absolutely fantastic with helping me deal with my problem. For most of my adult life, I have been very shy about my issues regarding sexual performance with a partner… This affected all my relationships in the past – in a very bad way. Adrian has helped me to overcome my past experiences

Ash B

Stewart, Swearing At Work

“I’d managed to give up several ‘bad habits’ easily enough in the past… Smoking, drinking… I managed to stop each of those. I had, though, found that raising my behaviours at work far harder – specifically: stopping swearing. 4 short sessions enabled me to change this unprofessional behaviour almost overnight and has enabled me to

Worcester Park

Katarzyna, Insomnia Treatment

“Adrian is a great therapist and a wonderful person. He helped me to overcome my sleep anxiety by teaching me mindfulness. He gave me tools which will help me in different life situations. I would recommend Adrian to anyone.” (Five


Jane F, Work Performance, Interview Anxiety

I started to have hypnotherapy with Adrian Sonnex a couple of months ago to work on performance anxiety with regards to a job interview. Adrian taught me anixety management skills using mindfulness and CBT techniques. I am delighted to report that the work with did on anxiety and job interviews was exetremely effective and I

Upper Norwood

Sarah C, Depression, Work Stress

“I saw Adrian for stress and depression following discussion of CBMT with my GP during a period of sickness from work for work related stress. I was somewhat sceptical but was keen to get well and return to work. I saw Adrian for 6 sessions and had CBMT and hypnotherapy. Adrian professionalism and understanding was

Sarah C

Clare M, Depression

“I suffered from really bad depression and panic attacks and my Hypnotherpist really helped me overcome these Issues. Since receiving Wellbeing Hypotherapy I have joned weight watchers and lost over a stone in weight which has really helped my confidence, I have got a promation at work and have made new friends. All these things


Ellen M, Weight Loss

“Losing hope instead of weight, i was til I tried hypnotherapy, i have lost weight weekly since I started. It has changed my life in a lot of ways, i recommend it,good luck. Ellen of sutton.(Five


London J, Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

“Excellent! Adrian enabled me to quit smoking with just one session. I’d recommend him to anyone. Very professional, affordable and effective.” (Five


Phillipa, Alcohol Moderation

“I used Adrian to help me deal with alcohol moderation which I have tried before to deal with for many many years. Since my four sessions I have noticed a big difference – I can’t believe it is working and so quickly! Highly recommended.” (Five


Eve S, Stop Smoking, Cocaine Therapy

“Me and my husband both have been seeing Adrian Sonnex of wellbeinghypnotherapy – Morden using hypnotherapy to stop us smoking and using cocaine. We found it worked excellent, we are now both free of smoking and cocaine for 3 years and never looked back. Adrian helped us to turn our lives around, he was such


Abigail, Depression Therapy

Adrian was recommended by my friend and my friends Mother who have both been clients of Adrian’s in the past. I had been suffering with depression for quite a few years and have tried numerous different methods to try and solve the depression but nothing had particularly worked for a long period of time. As


John, Travel Anxiety

“Adrian helped me to overcome my anxiety of travelling on trains, the underground and on aeroplanes. Through his therapy he taught me to recognise my emotions and how to manage them. It has made a huge impact to my life and now I travel on trains, the underground and on aeroplanes at ease and much


Alan, Anxiety, Depression

“I found Adrian a very caring and thorough practitioner. He treated me for anxiety and mild depression. I would definitely recommend him. Alan.” (Five


Natalie, Hypnotherapy for Insomnia

“I suffer with insomnia caused by anxiety. Adrian has taught me to deal with my insomnia using techniques such as mindfulness–rather than reaching for the sleeping tablets as I always did before. I find the hypnotherapy has given me something I can focus on when I’m not sleeping well. I think about the positive suggestions


Lilly, Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking

I stopped smoking with Adrian at wellbeing hypnotherapy over six months ago. I have not smoked a single cigarette since our one and only session. I have recommended him to other friends. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who really wants to stop. (Five


Jacob, Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

I stopped smoking with Adrian at wellbeing hypnotherapy in Morden. Fantastic service, I would recommend him to anybody wanting to stop smoking with hypnotherapy. (Five


Karen, Abusive Relationships

Having had hypnotherapy in the past I know how effective it can be in removing anxiety and overcoming issues. However, in the 10 years since my longest relationship ended I seemed to be stuck in a pattern of being in emotionally, physically and sometimes sexually abusive relationships that I was very effective in blocking out.


Nicholas, Anxiety, Depression

“I went to see Adrian for help with issues relation to anxiety and depression following a recommendation from a close friend. I had both CBT and Hypnotherapy treatments during our meetings. I found Adrian to be extremely understanding, sympathetic and professional throughout. I would recommend his services to anyone and everyone!” (Five


Verity, Confidence Building

“I went to see Adrian at the Morden clinic and had a combination of Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness-based Therapy for confidence building and anxiety. Adrian listened to my issues and made me feel comfortable. I now feel much stronger, confident and with the knowledge of how to deal with any anxiety. Adrian is professional and puts


Daniel, Healthy Eating

“Problem: Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID). Adrian has helped me immensely overcoming anxieties that I have had since childhood. I had never eaten an apple, a banana, broccoli, asparagus, salad…. The list goes on. 35 years of eating very little fruit and veg basically and being afraid to try anything new. Adrian’s therapy has helped


Elaine, Flying Phobia

I visited Adrian to try to overcome my fear of flying. I had two sessions before my flight to the USA and coped really well. The hypnotherapy definitely helped keep me calmer. (Four Stars)

Worcester Park

Sarah, Depression

“I been going for a few sessions now of hypnotherapy due to being very low and depressed which cause me to have no engery and no motive my mood was very negative and my attuide was very sharp and arguemented. My going and trying it out the different in the way I think and deal


Rob, Anxiety, Trouble Sleeping

Came to Adrien for help with anxiety and trouble sleeping. Adrien was very understanding and easy to talk with. After my sessions with him I can see a real change and I feel a lot happier. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who has similar sort of problems as me.


Selina L, Healthy Eating, Weight loss

“For a long time, I used food as substitute for my emotions and was steadily gaining weight. After under going Hypnotherphy with Adrian Sonnex, I have lost just under 2 stones and eat more mindfully. The service and course of therapy is very tailored to each client and Adrian has done an amazing job; helping


R, Exam Anxiety, Confidence

“After years of a very demanding university course I was facing a final exam that was to assess my practical competency and knowledge of the subject. I had to stand in front of the examiners, perform the required tasks and in the same time answer the questions that I might’ve been asked. Throughout my entire


Sally C, Anxiety, Relationships, Mindfulness

Adrian. I have been seeing Adrian Sonnex for about 6 months now and sought his help as I was feeling lost, stressed and anxious. I found him immediately reassuring, professional and safe to talk to. He introduced me to mindfulness (which I had tried with limited success on my own) and over the next few

Kingston upon Thames

Alysha L, Stop Smoking

“I was a 20 a day smoker and I was struggling to breathe, had the most disgusting cough yet couldn’t seem to quit no matter what I tried. A friend recommended Adrian to me so I booked in for hypnotherapy. I have to be honest before I arrived, I was dubious but I cannot thank


A Speaking in meetings

I went to see Adrian as I was experiencing anxiety around meetings, particularly having to speak in front of a large group of people. I would highly recommend Adrian for this. My sessions with Adrian were a mix of hypnotherapy and learning more about mindfulness, both of which helped me greatly. I found after a


Rosalyn, Anxiety, Confidence

“I went to see Adrian Sonnex for an issue with anxiety. On entering his treatment room, his calm and confident character made me feel instantly relaxed. After only a few sessions of hypnotherapy and Mindfulness I feel so much better and have noticed an improvement in my confidence and levels of anxiety.” (Five


Rachel H, Anxiety, Fear of Flying

I started seeing Adrian Sonnex 6 months ago. I was suffering from very bad stress and anxiety. It was affecting my health, work and home life. Through working with Adrian my stress levels decreased. He gave me the tools to manage and lower my anxiety, enabling me to me to further my career. Adrian also


Lina Gonzalez, Hypnotherapy Supervision

After having seen Adrian a couple of years ago for a bout of deep depression and reflecting on how much my life improved from the moment I started to see him I was inspired to become a hypnotherapist myself, in the hope that I could have even a fragment of the impact Adrian had on

Lina Gonzalez


“Adrian Sonnex was warm, friendly and totally professional, as well as being highly supportive and sensitive in the way he dealt with us. Words cannot express how happy and relieved we are in the many ways he has helped us! I had read on several PTSD information website (so it must be true! 😉 that


Kim R, Insomnia

“Adrian Sonnex is a very caring,kind therapist.I went to see him for a course of hypnotherapy to help with insomnia and anxiety.He also introduced me to mindfulness which i have found invaluable in my day to day life.I sleep very well these days and i have my anxiety totally under control.I cannot recommend Adrian highly


Hellen T, Mindfulness Stress Course

“A short while back, I attended 8 of the group sessions of Mindfulness meditation and practice that Adrian held in Carshalton – initially very sceptical of the likelihood of anything at all helping me to calm down in daily stressful situations. However – over the weekly meetings practicing Adrian’s very achievable techniques to thinking, along


Trudy, IBS

“I decided to try hypnotherapy with Adrian, having been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome I had tried everything else with little or no improvement. IBS was ruining my life and any stressful situation would make my IBS symptoms unbearable. I knew I was facing an even more stressful event in my life and was dreading


Nicolene, Sexual Abuse

“I went for hypnotherapy to deal with the issues of my sexual abuse (I was abused for most of my childhood). It affected the last 20 years of my adult life, and I had a fear of men, intimacy, hating my body, low self-esteem and I self-harmed. I believed that I was ruined. And that


Elise, Being able to orgasm

“I had 7 sessions with Adrian to enable me to experience orgasms. Having experienced them as a teenager I was aware that this was a problem that was not physical, but having tried self-help methods without success, I asked Adrian for hypnotherapy. The sessions were in depth, taking as long as required, but there was


Freda Minton, Hypnotherapy Supervision

“Many professional organisations require therapists to be “supervised” and it is also good business practice. Adrian has been my supervisor for several years and I am very happy with him as my supervisor. He is professional, friendly, and knowledgeable in so many areas-he gives great marketing tips too! He is always punctual and flexible if

Freda Minton

Phillipa’s Son, Nail biting

“My son, who’s 12, went to see Adrian to try to stop biting his finger nails. Since his visit 14 days ago he has, unbelievably, not bitten his nails once! A fantastic hypnotist.” (Five


Malcolm Cooper, Hypnotherapy Supervision

“Adrian Sonnex was my mentor/supervisor when I was studying for my ICH Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Two years on I continue to be supervised by him now that I am a professional hypnotherapist and would, without hesitation, recommend him most highly in this role. He has helped me with client issues, my ongoing Continued Professional

Malcolm Cooper

Rob H, Erectile Dysfunction

“I went to Adrian suffering from performance anxiety, which was causing me erectile dysfunction. This is very embarrassing for a very physically fit 33 year old and was really affecting my confidence! Adrian immediately put me at ease, and really listened to my problem and how it was affecting me. With a course of Hypnotherapy


Tracy, Physical Abuse

“I saw Adrian Sonnex for help with PTSD from physical abuse early in my life. I was both surprised and delighted with the power and effectiveness of hypnotherapy. Adrian listened to my story and quickly developed a treatment plan with me. Hypnosis itself was a beautiful experience. I was aware of where I was and


Penny White, Hypnotherapy Supervision

“I have known Adrian for many years. We met on the Diploma in Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapies training. We were both already qualified and practicing hypnotherapists. Adrian has provided supervision for me as a hypnotherapist over the last few years. Adrian is very experienced and knowledgable in both hypnotherapy and Mindfulness. He is always aware

Penny White

Claudia Bruen, Corporate Training

The corporate Mindfulness course provided by Adrian Sonnex at our London based Law Firm is excellent. We are currently offering this as part of our corporate Wellbeing initiative to employees and Partners. The course is delivered in an engaging teaching style with easy to follow practice of mindfulness. I would particularly recommend Adrian to any

Claudia Bruen

Barbara Dewhurst, Corporate, In-house Training

“We have used Adrian Sonnex’s services for Mindfulness sessions in offices in London. Adrian has always been flexible, very professional and has received great feedback on his sessions. We look forward to working with him more in the

Barbara Dewhurst

Lynn, Son’s Sports Performance, Confidence

“Well what can I say! What a kind, understanding and compassionate man. I took my son to see Adrian as he had no confidence in himself. He was very negative and couldn’t see the positives in anything, he just didn’t believe in himself. My son is a fantastic Triathlete but his negative feelings towards himself


Ed, Cannabis Smoking

“I went to see Adrian in desperation! After exhausting all other avenues to try to stop a 20 years cannabis smoking addiction. I can honestly say that making my 1st appointment was the best thing I have ever done. Adrian is an amazingly relaxed person and made me feel comfortable immediately. Being mindfull, he was


Angeles, Stopping Smoking, Morden Clinic

“Having been a smoker for well over 20 years, and having tried several times to quit using various methods, I am happy to share that after my one visit to Adrian Sonnex clinic over a month ago I have not smoked since! Withdrawal symptoms have been minimal and manageable and I look forward to each


Seb M, Smoking Weed

“I contacted Adrian for hypnotherapy to quit smoking weed and cigarettes and honestly it was one of the best things I have ever done Adrian is well mannered and instantly made me feel at ease he suggested 3 sessions to completely get rid of the habit and it has worked I am now 4 weeks


John W, Confidence

“I went to see Adrian because of blushing and lack of confidence. I’ve got to say that he was excellent and (touch wood) I have a new lease of confidence which in turn has reduced the blushing. I would definitively recommend him. Let the confidence


Elizabeth, Anxiety Depression

“While suffering from anxiety, depression and lack of confidence after job loss and relationship difficulties, I researched various therapies; having read an article in a peer-reviewed journal that showed changes in people undertaking mindfulness training, I decided on mindfulness combined with hypnotherapy as the combination of approaches I felt would be most effective and appropriate


Justin, Stopping Smoking

“I was a 30 a day smoker for years…. Heard about Adrian through family and friends. I had struggled for years to give up then I went to see Adrian. One session was all I needed, I have not touched a cigarette for 2 months now and feel so much better for it. Adrian is


Sue, Rape Counseling Therapy, TIR

“I was raped when I was 15; I am now 26 and found it was still ruining my life. I had very low self-esteem and felt wotrthless and uesless. I have self-harmed and I hated myself for many years. I finally took the decision to speak with somebody about it and I am so pleased


Miss B, Rape Trauma Therapy

“Thank you Adrian for helping me with my anxiety and trauma issues. I would surely recommend you in the future to anyone who needs your help. I can say I feel so much better for dealing with the trauma surrounding my rape, and other events. I look forward to our continuing work. Miss

Miss B

Caroline R, Public Speaking, Presentations

“What an amazing man! I went to see Adrian as I had a really bad phobia of public speaking after a couple of bad experiences. I knew I had to take action to try and conquer my phobia as I had to give a presentation to a local group of business people. I honestly thought


Tammy McCann, In-house, Corporate Training

“Adrian has been an outstanding Mindfulness teacher and team member for the Mindfulness in Sutton Secondary Schools programme run by Progression People. Teachers attending our Mindfulness for Teachers programme have highly benefited from Adrian’s experience in teaching Mindfulness and have therefore started to truly develop their own Mindfulness practice and embody the principles of Mindfulness.

Tammy McCann

Katie W, Domestic Violence, Confidence

I had suffered trauma and an abusive relationship before I turned 20 and had not dealt with any of the issues I was left with for 10 years. With my anxiety levels high and my confidence very low, being 30 and still single, I couldn’t take my low feelings anymore and knew I had to

Katie W

Sunny, Relationship Therapy

“Me and my wife both took sessions from Adrain for marital issues, working with Adrain firstly gave me a sense of Trust, which is important in this matter, the atmosphere in his Clinic is traditional and gives you sense of calm and peace. I found him highly qualified for his profession when compared to several


Michelle, Flying Anxiety

Adrian was recommend to me by a close friend. I went to see him because I was terrified of flying. After just two sessions my phobia was gone. I flew in June and have booked another holiday in October. Adrian is friendly and professional, he made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I would


Liz, IBS, GCSE Anxiety

I found Adrian through Google Search and booked him because of his convenient location at his Morden clinic. My 15 year old daughter who suffers from IBS. Was advised to try Hypnotherapy by her Gastro Consultant to alleviate her stress and anxiety. Adrian was kind and compassionate and quickly put all our fears at rest.


Sacha Louise Crosher, Hypnotherapy Supervision

“I first contacted Adrian for supervision when I set up my hypnotherapy practice and found him to be very friendly and approachable. I made a few mistakes when setting up my practice but Adrian gently steered me in the right direction with helpful suggestions. I have definitely benefitted from Adrian’s experience and would definitely recommend

Sacha Louise Crosher

Cheryl, Marriage Break-up

“Adrian’s informative and friendly technique has enabled me to make really positive progress in dealing with the overwhelming emotions engendered by the break-up of my marriage. I feel so much more positive about facing the future and coming to terms with


Anaalise, Domestic Abuse, Rape, Sexual Abuse

“Adrian is a fantastic hypnotherapist and well-being therapist. I first visited Adrian after leaving a domestically abusive relationship to improve my self-esteem and confidence but found the combination of methods very effective hence we delved deeper and solved some unresolved issues I had had in the past. He has helped me overcome my traumas from


Mary M, Anxiety Depression

Life was starting to feel pretty overwhelming and I had been starting to become very anxious and suffering from depression. Adrian did some counselling sessions and mindfulness hypnotherapy with me and he’s brought my anxiety levels right down. He’s very easy to talk to and gave me some good techniques to help me manage any

Mary M

Gretchen, Problem Drinking

“The issues I was experiencing included, problematic drinking, lack of confidence and weight gain. I had 6 hypnotherapy sessions with Adrian. This therapy was very successful, I stopped drinking alcohol altogether, and started to lose weight and I also experienced an increase in confidence. Adrian is down to earth, pleasant and professional. I would highly


Sam, Relationship, Anger Issues

“I contacted Adrian Sonnex as I had been looking locally and his glowing reviews stood out compared to others. There were areas of my life that I wanted to address and improve on so booked in to visit. Within a 6 week period Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness Techniques were combined and over time I profoundly saw

Worcester Park

Anna, Anxiety PTSD, Morden Clinic

“Words cannot describe how amazing Adrian and his services are he helped me with my anxiety and my PTSD. After the sessions I can truly say I am back to myself and fixed, not only has my anxiety very much disappeard but I have been taught control over it. These skills provide me with such


Matthew J, Addiction

“I had seen Adrian for 6 sessions due to having a severe coke habit. I felt the need to see him as it was an ongoing detrimental habit of over 10 years. It had taken over my life including my wellbeing, work and family. I finally thought enough was enough. I’m so thankful I found


Stefano P, Exam Anxiety

I have visited Adrian after experiencing a panic attack during my very last exam in university. Since then I was anxious in retaking it and that’s where I was addressed to Adrian. Adrian dealt with my exam anxiety brilliantly and week by week I was able to control my nerves better and better. I can


Public Speaking Anxiety, Gavin, London

I came to Adrian because of a life-long fear of public speaking. A new job meant it was essential for me to become comfortable speaking in a number of situations from informal staff meetings to client presentations and conference appearances. Having completed six hypnotherapy sessions with Adrian, I feel far less anxious about speaking in

Gavin, London

Hypnotherapy Supervision, Abby Bushell

Hypnotherapy Supervision. Adrian is very welcoming and knowledgeable, providing good advice and guidance when needed. He is also very patient and gives you his full

Abby Bushell
Worcester Park

Presentation Anxiety, M Khan

“I needed some help where I was lacking confidence in giving presentations, running workshops and conducting meetings in a professional environment. I visited Adrian Sonnex who provided expert help and I am so grateful for the quality of service and expertise I

M Khan

Relationship Issues, Peter, Borough,

“I was having a hard time moving on from a relationship with, and divorce from, a narcissist. Adrian is attentive and kind, and helped me move on with a combination of mindfulness techniques and hypnotherapy, which proved to be very effective. Focusing the conscious and the unconscious mind at the same time in order to


General Anxiety, Andrew K, Wimbledon

Adrian has helped me come to terms with and overcome anxiety. I noticed the difference after our first hypnotherapy session and am still reaping the benefits. The mindfulness techniques I now practice are quite simply, life changing. My concentration, relaxation and quality of life have all improved tenfold. Thank you so much Adrian.(Five Stars)


Daniela, Anxiety

I saw Adrian Sonnex at the Morden, Surrey clinic for my anxiety. He really really helped me with a combination of Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction. He taught me all of the mindfulness techniques giving me homework every session, also doing an amazing hypnotherapy session each time. I would highly recommend him! ( 5 Stars


Roslyn M

I was looking forward to my 6 sessions with Adrian and each time I went I was feeling better each time I could see changes in my thoughts and how I behaved. I felt the changes. I lacked confidence and was negative but am learning to focus which is helping my private life and work


M. Smith

Adrian was excellent in helping me with to start my journey in dealing with anxiety. I really felt the ability to learn mindfulness tecnquies in a calm environment was very nice. I would highly recommend

M. Smith

Jan, Morden

“I made an appointment with Adrian to help me with the anxiety I was having worrying about a holiday of a lifetime and the effects of the long plane journey etc. Initially, I was wanting hypnotherapy but Adrian recommended that I learn some mindfulness techniques to complement this. Adrian is very warm and welcoming. I


* Disclaimer : Please Note, the reviews on the page & website are not a guarantee of success.  Hypnosis and mindfulness requires motivation and effort on the part of the individual

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