Wellbeing Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can help you resolve your Anxiety, Depression and other problems you are experiencing.

Wellbeing Mindfulness

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction, Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy for Depression, Trauma Therapy TIR and ACT.

Overcome Your Anxiety And Be Happy

Beat your anxiety with Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapies

You Can Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can help you to become a non-smoker by getting your subconscious and conscious mind working together to never smoke again.

Trauma Therapy

Resolve your abuse, trauma, accident, PTSD with our Trauma Therapy

Help with Relationship and Sexual Problems

You can resolve and overcome your relationship, intimacy, sexual problems and trust issues.

Hypnotherapy & Mindfulness for Social Anxiety

You can reduce and manage your social anxiety, stress and social phobia with Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

We work with people who are struggling with anxiety, stress, panic and phobias every day. Situational Anxiety (an anxiety of a specific situation, experience or object) becomes Phobic Anxiety when you actually start to avoid the situation. Let us help you resolve your social fear and anxiety with hypnosis and Mindfulness.

What is social anxiety?

Social phobia, anxiety is one of the more common anxiety disorders. It involves fear of embarrassment or humiliation in situations where you are exposed to the scrutiny of others or, you must perform. This fear is much stronger than the normal anxiety people experience in social or performance situations. Usually it is so strong that it causes you to avoid the situation altogether, although some people with social phobia endure social situations, all be it with considerable anxiety. Typically your concern is that you will say or do something that will cause others to judge you as being anxious, weak, “crazy” or stupid. Your concern is generally out of proportion to the situation, and you recognize it’s excessive.

The most common of all social phobias is fear of public speaking, and affects performers, speakers, people whose jobs require them to make presentations, and students who have to speak before their class. Public-speaking phobia affects a large percentage of the population and is equally prevalent among men and women.

Other common social phobias include ; Fear of blushing in public, Fear of being watched, Fear of using public toilets and Fear of crowds.

Sometimes social phobia is less specific and involves a generalized fear of any social or group situation where you might feel that you’re being watched or evaluated. When your fear is of a wide range of social situations (for example – initiating conversations, participating in small groups, speaking to authority figures, dating, attending parties, and so on), the condition is referred to as “generalized social phobia”.

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Alan, Anxiety, Depression

“I found Adrian a very caring and thorough practitioner. He treated me for anxiety and mild depression. I would definitely recommend him. Alan.” (Five Stars)*


Verity, Confidence Building

“I went to see Adrian at the Morden clinic and had a combination of Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness-based Therapy for confidence building and anxiety. Adrian listened to my issues and made me feel comfortable. I now feel much stronger, confident and with the knowledge of how to deal with any anxiety. Adrian is professional and puts


Liz, IBS, GCSE Anxiety

I found Adrian through Google Search and booked him because of his convenient location at his Morden clinic. My 15 year old daughter who suffers from IBS. Was advised to try Hypnotherapy by her Gastro Consultant to alleviate her stress and anxiety. Adrian was kind and compassionate and quickly put all our fears at rest.


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