I originally approached Adrian for help with rebuilding my confidence after a traumatic job interview experience. We worked through my issues and initiated a session of hypnotherapy which really helped to control my anxiety during future interviews.

I returned about a year later when I was being disturbed by new neighbours. Once again, Adrian and I talked through the causes of my anxiety and used hypnotherapy to successfully control my thoughts. While never pressured into it, I have monthly ‘top-up’ sessions just to keep on top of this and any other personal or professional issues that pop-up.

I can absolutely say that after a good session I feel more confident and calm afterwards. Adrian has a way of putting you at your ease and a voice which leads you gently into a hypnotic state. I am more than happy to recommend Adrian as a hypnotherapist – I have benefited from my time working with him. Initially it can be a bit strange trusting someone to use hypnosis with you but you soon get over any nerves. You do get out what you are prepared to put in, so go with an open mind and see what Adrian can do for you!  (Five Stars) *