I wanted to give up smoking after some 34 years of sucking on the addictive tobacco and tried various things, patches will power, nicorette etc and was told about Hypnotherapy by my boss. We do a high pressure job in a busy Custody Suite in Central London and smoking is an excuse to walk out and get a sanity break. I was challenged by my daughter to give up smoking so looked up a local business in my area and came up with Adrian. I booked it over the phone and had a brief conversation about why I was ready to give up. On the day he sent me a text message that made me smile, I smoked my last cigarette outside his house a day after my 46th birthday. With his help I have not had the inclination, desire or felt any need to smoke and not suffered any side effects at all. I had a follow up text and chat with Adrian and have no problem recommending his service. Considering a pack of 20 costs £8.10 his service costs the equivalent to 16 packs of 20 with free follow up sessions should you need them. I have given up smoking and will remain a non smoker for the rest of my life and it feels great! Thanks Adrian. (Five Stars) *