My untreated accumulated trauma and my husband’s untreated accumulated trauma, started to make my marriage a source of my overall demise. In the past few years my career, my income, my health and my sanity came pretty much close to nothing. When I met Adrian, I felt very, very lucky, indeed. The combination of low price, amount of his qualifications, experience and expertise combined with the fact that he is one of the most normal, down to earth, real, non judgmental, kind, loving persons that I have met was not a combination too often encountered. His unconditional understanding, hypnotherapy methods and their application together with mindfulness practice that he taught me have helped me to resolve many traumas and make me stronger at my core. On top of that, he REALLY cares for his patients, and it is his expertise, personal qualities and care that healed me, empowered me and helped me to unravel myself from my inner limitation, confusion and pain. Also, my son who is in his twenties has just started to see Adrian and finds his therapy extremely helpful, always looking forward to his next session. (Five Stars) *