“I lost over 3 stone with the Wellbeing Hypnotherapy Gastric Band! I researched the actual Gastric Band Surgery, but at over £5,000 and so many risks I decided to go the hypnotic route first. At £500 for 5 sessions of hypnotherapy, I found it excellent value for money. Other therapists were asking over £800 for 5 sessions and over £1,000 for 4 sessions. Both Adrian and the hypnotherapy was amazing. It started working from the very first session, and was not half as daunting as I thought it would be… The information pack and recording that Adrian gave to me are very good quality. I found I had nerves and excitement the day of my surgery and even a little discomfort afterwards, just as if I had real surgery. It was perfect! Thank you Adrian! *

I really do recommend the Wellbeing Hypnotherapy Hypnotic Gastric Band Surgery.” (Five Star Review)