For over 10 years I suffered with anxiety based insomnia, if I had something to do the next day, a new job, drive etc I would think I must sleep and then not sleep at all.

So I thought Id try this as a last resort. I did 6 weeks with Joel, a mix of hypnotherapy and mindfulness. He started me on a path to control my thoughts and focus not on the negative. I wasn’t sure if it was working as your go through the course but then I had a big test of having to drive my family early morning.. Instead of taking any of my prescribed sleeping pills I thought Id see if I could beat the demon.. And I just slept !… twice !
Very strange as you never really feel wow I’ve been hypnotized, but at the end of the course I can tell my mind is just working slightly different in a much better way. It takes a lot of work and I still need to practice focusing thoughts, but I’m amazed at what its done. Joel is incredibly relaxing and now some nights I use his short sleep cd just as its lovely to fall asleep to.*