“A short while back, I attended 8 of the group sessions of Mindfulness meditation and practice that Adrian held in Carshalton – initially very sceptical of the likelihood of anything at all helping me to calm down in daily stressful situations. However – over the weekly meetings practicing Adrian’s very achievable techniques to thinking, along with his bodyscan breathing meditation – suddenly! I realize I’m calmer! and not getting wound up by petty things. I’m thinking about what I’m DOING, rather than my mind racing ahead all the time. It’s like a big weight of frustration and annoyance has been lifted off me and whisked away! Now I’m noticing all the moment by moment things in day to day life, that actually MAKE my life. I do still find a quiet time to listen to a CD of Adrian’s Body Scan once a week – very relaxing and just re-inforces the thought processes I am SO grateful for Adrian teaching me.” (Five Stars)