Having had hypnotherapy in the past I know how effective it can be in removing anxiety and overcoming issues. However, in the 10 years since my longest relationship ended I seemed to be stuck in a pattern of being in emotionally, physically and sometimes sexually abusive relationships that I was very effective in blocking out. The hypnosis with Adrian helped immediately in reducing my anxiety levels but I was keen to understand and break the pattern of being in unhappy relationships.
Adrian was always willing to listen to my outpourings and along the way I gained some key insights into the way I have viewed myself all my life even since childhood. He has challenged some of my way out beliefs like never being good enough and that for anything positive that happens to me has to be balanced out by something bad and I used to live my life in fear waiting for this to happen. I had been apart from my ex for several months when I first sought therapy but had always gone back weeks or months later and this continued for over 3 years but I am confident enough in myself now to say that I will never go back. I had absolute trust in Adrian and was able talk about things with him that had never ever been spoken about with anyone else without feeling stupid or embarrassed.
On a day to day basis I am more relaxed in myself and experience more good feelings. I will continue to practise Mindfulness and in time I am hopeful of being in a happy and fulfilling relationship. (Five Stars)