I was recommended to see Adrian by my partner who had himself seen Adrian a few years back – I’ve seen Adrian every month for the past couple of years, since. Adrian has been able to help me process very deep trauma, both old and new, and aided me to recover in a way I initially had not thought possible.

I have always felt completely safe in his care, and also been able to open up to him in the way I haven’t been able to do with other therapists. Our therapy sessions have been mixed with talking therapy and hypnotherapy that has felt just right for what I needed, which is why I have chosen to go back every month, even though he is 1.5h drive from my house. He has been very accommodating and I was able to reschedule my appointment this week to a Skype session due to myself being in self-isolation because of the corona virus. In these unprecedented times, it was really good to have someone to talk to. Could not recommend Adrian highly enough. (Five Stars)*