I have been seeing Adrian Sonnex for about 6 months now and sought his help as I was feeling lost, stressed and anxious. I found him immediately reassuring, professional and safe to talk to. He introduced me to mindfulness (which I had tried with limited success on my own) and over the next few sessions he taught me various techniques and gave me activities to do at home, which though hard to do initially, certainly got easier with time and practice. I now have a bank of mindfulness resources which I use daily and know they have made a big difference to my over-all happiness and well-being.

As regards my stress-triggers, he has used hypnotherapy to divert these. I had thought that I would be too distracted and not open to the idea of hypnosis, but was hypnotised easily and found it an incredibly calming and comfortable experience.

Adrian also helped me work through and resolve a personal relationship issue which had over-shadowed my life for the last few years. This has been such a relief to me. The process has also helped me to see things more clearly and deal with other concerns which have cropped up in my life since.

I would thoroughly recommend seeing Adrian for help with a whole range of life’s problems – he is friendly, approachable and has many different strategies. I am so glad a chance conversation with a friend lead me to go and see him – thanks Adrian. (Five Stars)