The Mindset of the Overweight Person

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The Mindset of the Overweight Person

There are initial factors and reasons why a person gains weight and the factors can be complicated and many – there is no easy answer.

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So if a person, for example, gains weight because of a very simple physiological reason, like having a baby, an accident or injury. Hypnotherapy can be a very effective solution.

Being overweight may create unhelpful thinking on a range of issues including self-esteem, feeling worthless or unattractive, which may affect your confidence or mood, etc. Through hypnotherapy you can overcome these problems with relaxation/stress reduction techniques, visualization and imagery and positive suggestion and support.

Factors that may have influenced your weight gain could be :-

  • Physiological – Metabolism – Build – Appetite – Genetic factors – Hormone imbalance – Illness/Disease
  • Environment – Upbringing – Habits – Access to food – Learned behaviours – Peer pressure
  • Lifestyle – Physiological – Mental skills – strength

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Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.


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