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I have always been interested in people and in working with others to improve their quality of life.

Adrian Sonnex of Well-being Hypnotherapy & Mindfulness is a Hypnotherapist & Mindfulness – based Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and Teacher. He has been working with clients online via Skype since 2007. He is also a Hypnotherapist Supervisor for ICH Clinical Hypnosis Training formerley The Institute of Clinical Hypnosis and is a One-to-one Supervisor for the General Hypnotherapy Register.

Your first session when you pay via PayPal, then call and book in. Call us 0208 646 4337 for a free consultation, e-mail us to find out more or request a callback.

Well-being Hypnotherapy & Mindfulness is the Top Rated Hypnotherapy & Mindfulness-based Therapy Practice in London & Surrey. Over 140 of our clients have given us independently verified Five Star Reviews on FreeIndex more than 90%.

Adrian Sonnex has been awarded:

Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis

Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

Master Clinical Hypnotherapist

Diploma in Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapies

Diploma in the Art and Science of Neuro Linguistic Programming

I trained in Person Centred and Psychodynamic Counselling at Birkbeck University of London before starting my training in Hypnotherapy in 2007. A qualified and highly trained Hypnotherapist and Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapies and a full time professional therapist.  I have been working with clients from 2007. For details of my training see Hypnotherapists – Adrian Sonnex and Mindfulness Therapies – Adrian Sonnex.

Online Therapy and Supervision.

We would have a consultation to ensure the quality of our Skype connection and to discuss the therapies we offer.

As an online therapist I am able to give therapy to English speaking clients anywhere in the world providing that they have a suitable computer and internet connection. I have worked online with a client who first saw me for face to face therapy then moved back home to Ireland, I have worked online via Skype with clients who were in Marrakesh Morocco where English speaking therapists don’t exist. I have worked with clients who are in other parts of Britain and on the other side of the world. As long as you have a computer and a camera online therapy is possible.

I first experienced online supervision in 2009 as part Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapies training and realised that it can be a very effective way of having therapy or supervision sessions without having to meet in person. In 2013 I am having at least 9 online via Skype supervisions sessions as part of my on-going training and development. I will also supervise other hypnotherapist online via Skype.

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.


Adrian Sonnex and Joel Cantor have been awarded these quality standards, Adrian Sonnex is also a Acknowledged GHR Supervisor

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

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