New laws to protect victims of domestic abuse were presented to Parliament 16th July 2019. With the publication of the bill come a range of proposals including a legal duty on councils to provide secure homes for Domestic Violence victims. Also to widen the definition of Domestic Abuse to include not just physical violence but also emotional, economic and sexual abuse. As a Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Hypnotherapist I have been working with Domestic
   23rd July 2019    0
This morning I have helped a client to Stop Smoking with hypnotherapy. This is something that I have been helping my clients to do since September 2007 when I became a full-time Professional Hypnotherapist. My client today had no hypnotherapy experience but when I had asked her how badly she wanted to stop smoking on a scale of 1 to 10 she said a 10 so I knew she was committed. I explained hypnotherapy to
   15th July 2019    0
It’s getting harder to have a happy childhood according to a new report by Action For Children. Bullying, exam pressure and social media are some of the things having a negative impact on childhood in the UK. They call for a National Childhood Strategy to protect young people. The Government is developing a Youth Charter to give young people a voice on issues that matter to them. As a therapist I work with children and
   9th July 2019    0
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Happy new year beautiful people ! ( I know I’m a couple of months late but this is my first blog post of 2017!) I am officially back to blogging after having started a new job and going on holiday at the end of last year. What I wanted to talk to you all about today is a completely different type of therapy – Traumatic Incident Reduction therapy (TIR). In my experience and opinion, it is
   5th March 2017    0
I am often asked by prospective clients and others if online therapy works. The simple answer is that yes it does, if you are seeing a well qualified and experienced online therapist. How does online therapy work? You find a therapist that works online with clients and check their qualifications, experience and if they have any online independent reviews. I am a Mindfulness-based therapist & Hypnotherapist so most important of all I am registered with
   12th December 2016    0

Adrian Sonnex and Joel Cantor have been awarded these quality standards, Adrian Sonnex is also a Acknowledged GHR Supervisor

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