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You can resolve and your PTSD, We specialize Traumatic Incident Reduction for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other forms of trauma. We are committed to helping you have a positive, happy future.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has been around for centuries. It used to be called Cowardice in the first world war, shell shock in the second world war and battle fatigue in conflicts afterwords before being called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the Vietnam and Afghanistan conflicts. Once the phenomenon was clearly recognized, PTSD was easily identifiable among other populations, such as rape survivors and survivors of natural disasters. Even in everyday life most people can be triggered into momentary or prolonged reliving of past traumas of varying degrees of severity, with all the negative feelings and behaviors associated with them.

Individual reactions to a traumatic incident can vary but can include: Anxiety caused by continually reconstructing the events in their minds or experiencing flashbacks, Avoidance of thinking or talking about the events and/or patchy memory loss, difficulty in coming to terms with the actions taken on the day, and a concern that it may have been inadequate, resentment or anger directed at a particular person or organization, fear of a similar event happening again and being unable to cope with it.

More general difficulties can be experienced, for example: Sadness, unusual emotional feelings, or feelings of depression or numbness, Tiredness, sleeplessness or nightmares, difficulties with personal or professional relationships, difficulties caused by lack of motivation or listlessness, dizziness, palpitations, shakes, difficulties in breathing, or tightness of the throat and chest, sickness, diarrhea or menstrual problems, changes in interest in sex, changes in eating habits, smoking or consumption of alcohol.
These are only an indication – they do not automatically relate to trauma, but an awareness of them is imperative in order to recognize those who may be suffering from post-traumatic stress reactions

Medical definition.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a psychological disorder associated with serious traumatic events. Classic symptoms are: re-experiencing the trauma in dreams, recurrent images and thoughts, a general sense of numbness and feeling a lack of involvement with the real world, guilt about having survived, sleep disturbances and an exaggerated startle response. The disorder is generally classified as one of the anxiety disorders.

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Adrian Sonnex, Morden Clinic

I went to Adrian at Wellbeing Hypnotherapy to reduce my stress, increase my confidence and deal with my anxiety. After the first session I felt relaxed and more calm. Adrian gave me the chance to try Traumatic Incident Reduction, Life Stress Reduction as well as Hypnotherapy. My confidence and self-esteem have really increased and is


Adrian Sonnex, Morden Clinic

A very dear friend of mine recommended that I get in touch with Adrian after he successfully helped ease the symptoms of her Depression through Mindfulness and hypnotherapy. My own situation was different in that I needed help to address a number of long-standing issues from my childhood. I had treatment over the course of


Laura J, Trauma Therapy – Adrian Sonnex – Morden Clinic

I was recommended to see Adrian by my partner who had himself seen Adrian a few years back – I’ve seen Adrian every month for the past couple of years, since. Adrian has been able to help me process very deep trauma, both old and new, and aided me to recover in a way I

Laura J

Natasha, Trauma Therapy, Anxiety and Panic Attacks

I visited Adrian for Hypnotherepy and mindfulness therapy once a week for around 2-3 months. And what can I say, with his guidance and help with traumatic incident reduction and tips on how to handle my anxiety when it got too much, has totally reshaped my way of thinking. I am so much better at


Emma J, Traumma

I have carried out many sessions with Adrian focusing mainly on traumatic incidence reduction. It has been invaluable and I think everyone should do it as it improves your life and relationships, we are all full of buttons to be pressed and this helps remove them. I am now having weekly hypnotherapy for fertility and

Emma J

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