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Treatment of Male Sexual Problems

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We can help you to resolve you sexual problems. Whether you lack confidence, experience or have had a bad experience that may cause anxiety, negative thoughts, loss of sexual drive, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Most men experience some sexual dysfunction at a point in their lives. Contact us for help.

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Sexual problems can be the result of many complex factors, medical and/or psychological.

  • Do you need to last longer?
  • Is premature ejaculation causing you a problem?
  • Do you have difficulty maintaining an erection?
  • Is stress affecting your performance?
  • Are you angry with women?
  • Have you lost interest in sex?
  • Do you have a problem reaching an orgasm?
  • Are you feeling insecure or lacking in confidence?
  • Are you concerned about excessive masturbation?

At Wellbeing Hypnotherapy & Mindfulness we will help you to resolve your problem if there is a psychological aspect. It is important that medical problems are seen by your GP.

We are experienced at dealing with all kinds of sexual problems, including male erectile disorder, rapid or premature ejaculation, hypoactive sexual desire disorder and male orgasmic disorder. If the dysfunction is not limited to certain types of stimulation, situations or partners, then it is known as generalised dysfunction.
However if the dysfunction is limited to certain situations or partners, then it is a situational type of dysfunction. The dysfunction may be due primarily to psychological factors or the dysfunction may be due topsychological factors contributing to a general medical condition.

Male erectile disorder

The essential feature is a persistent inability to attain or to maintain until completion of sexual activity, an adequate erection. Loss of an erection may occur at different times during sexual activity or there may be an inability to obtain an erection from the beginning. This can cause great distress in a relationship.

Premature ejaculation

The essential feature of premature ejaculation is the persistent or recurrent onset of orgasm with minimal sexual stimulation. This can cause marked distress, tension and difficulties in a relationship.

Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (low sexual desire)

The essential feature is a deficiency or absence of sexual fantasies and desire for sexual activity. This may be a general response or may be limited to one partner or to a specific sexual activity.

Male orgasmic disorder

The essential feature is a persistent or recurrent delay in, or absence of, orgasm following a normal sexual excitement phase. In the most common form, a man cannot reach orgasm during intercourse, although he can ejaculate from a partner’s oral or manual stimulation. This may cause difficulties within a relationship.

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