“Well what can I say! What a kind, understanding and compassionate man.
I took my son to see Adrian as he had no confidence in himself. He was very negative and couldn’t see the positives in anything, he just didn’t believe in himself.
My son is a fantastic Triathlete but his negative feelings towards himself was holding him back. He felt his ‘bad nerves’ before an event ment that he was ‘rubbish’ and ‘crap’ and ‘no good’! Well none of this was true but no-one could get through to him. By the time the event had started he would’av talked himself into believing he was going to fail, it was heartbreaking.
We had our 1st session with Adrian. As my son is 15 I had to stay with him throughout the session. He spoke to us both, he had lots of empathy with my son and spoke to him like and adult and not a child. He listened to what he had to say and was interested in how he felt. We felt relaxed and Adrian was very easy to talk to, he made us feel at ease.
My son came out of his 1st session feeling relaxed and calm, I had not seen him like this in a long time. We had our 2 session’s before he had his next Triathlon.
And…. O. M.G what a difference, NO negativity, No telling me he was ‘rubbish’and ‘no good’! He told me he had bad nerves but agreed with me that they were a good thing, something he had never said before. He entered the event in such a good place that he came 6th and smashed his time by 13 minutes. What a proud Mum and Dad.
We had 4 sessions in all. Asking my son how he feels now he tells me he feels ‘different’ feels better and more positive, and it shows. He has been better in everything that he does, in his training and his school life too. He’s joined a Tri club, something he couldn’t do before because of his lack of confidence, also he has been made U16 captain for his Korfball team which is his other passion.
We will definitely be going back to have some more sessions with Adrian, especially as he is now in year 11 and we have GCSE’s coming up. My son enjoyed his sessions and is looking forward to going back. As a Mum I am so greatful to Adrian for what he has done for my son, I just wish I had done it sooner.

Thankyou Adrian you are an absolute star! Lynn from Sutton”