“After years of a very demanding university course I was facing a final exam that was to assess my practical competency and knowledge of the subject. I had to stand in front of the examiners, perform the required tasks and in the same time answer the questions that I might’ve been asked. Throughout my entire course I’ve had struggled with a confident approach to the practical exams and this was often a reason for being marked down. The level of stress could have made me speechless or frozen and I could not get out of this state. Adrian helped me to overcome my stress and difficulty to express my thoughts and show my competence and knowledge in the high-stress practical exam situations. Hypnotherapy sessions combined with mindfulness exercises given to practise at home helped me to boost my self-esteem and confidently approach my final exam. My only regret is that I started the therapy with Adrian only before my final exam. I should have done this much earlier during my studies to avoid the stress and panic attacks during previous oral and practical assessments. I would highly recommend Adrian to others.”